Toronto musician brings cello's history back to life during the pandemic

Toronto cellist Beth Silver recently acquired an old cello. Watch the video to hear it come back to life.

Beth Silver was in awe of cello's beauty and wanted to see if it could be restored

Restored cello gives musician newfound joy during pandemic

3 years ago
Duration 4:19
Featured VideoToronto musician Beth Silver uncovered the history behind a recently restored cello.

While Beth Silver's career as a cellist may be quieter during the pandemic, she's found unexpected joy in a recently restored cello.

In May, she was given the instrument — which hadn't been played in decades by family friends — the Tatrallyays.

When she first saw it, she was in awe of its beauty and wanted to see if it could be restored. She took it to George Heinl & Co. music store, who were able to give it new life. 

"It's sort of like I have a new member of the family or a new friend that I'm getting to know." 

Watch the video to hear what she discovered about the cello's history.


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