What's your top municipal election issue?

CBC News wants to know about the most pressing issue in your life ahead of Toronto’s election on Oct. 24. Help inform our coverage by answering a few questions.

CBC News wants to hear from voters across the city

A sign says Toronto in front of the city hall building.
CBC Toronto wants to know what's on your mind as politicians compete for your vote ahead of the Oct. 24 municipal election. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Toronto has an election coming up.

While you may dread the idea of heading to the polls again this year, your vote matters and is really important when it comes to shaping your daily life.

Why? Because your municipal government is responsible for building the infrastructure and providing many of the services you rely on daily. 

From how your local roads are designed to what housing and transit options you have to the size of your property tax bill, the choices your mayor and city councillors make directly affect you — in some cases, more so than your representatives at the provincial or federal levels.

But your local government can also be, well, opaque at times.

So ahead of the Oct. 24 vote, CBC Toronto will do its best to answer any questions you have about how municipal government works and how its policies affect you. 

Are you worried about community safety? The cost of housing or rent affordability? Do you want to see more bike lanes on city streets, less traffic or improved public transit options? What about the city's approach to homelessness, economic development and the COVID-19 pandemic?

No issue is too big or too small, so let us know what's on your mind by filling out the form below: