Toronto man almost lost OVO tickets worth $1K due to mistake by Shoppers Drug Mart

A Toronto man says he has an honest neighbour to thank after he almost lost OVO tickets worth $1,000 because a clerk at the post office in an Etobicoke Shoppers Drug Mart gave his package to someone else.

Shoppers Drug Mart says it is making sure the problem 'is corrected moving forward'

Xzavier Ramphal, left, says he is forever grateful to his neighbour Paramjit Kaur, right, pictured here with her son Reshaun Mavi, centre. She returned Ramphal's OVO tickets after the missed delivery notice slip was mistakenly put in her mailbox. (Natalie Valleau/CBC)

A Toronto man says he has an honest neighbour to thank after he almost lost OVO tickets worth $1,000 because a clerk at the post office in an Etobicoke Shoppers Drug Mart gave his package to someone else.

Xzavier Ramphal told CBC News that his missed delivery notice was mistakenly put in his neighbour's mailbox.

He said a clerk gave her the tickets at the store near Rexdale Boulevard and Kipling Avenue, despite her having a different name and address —  a violation of policy that Shoppers Drug Mart says will be "corrected moving forward."

Ramphal explained the tickets to Drake's annual music festival in Toronto were part of a giveaway for his company Southpaw Era, a lifestyle apparel brand that launched in early July.

"We knew the hottest ticket in town was the OVO tickets, so we thought why don't we get some tickets to give them away to brand ambassadors to generate some buzz," he said.

The tickets are part of a giveaway in order to raise the company's brand recognition. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC)

Ramphal explained that the tickets arrived last Thursday, but because he was on a business trip he wasn't able to personally receive them and was told that a notice slip would be left in his mailbox.

After returning the following day, Ramphal said he checked his mailbox at his condo building and realized it was empty. He explained that this panicked him because he had already advertised the giveaway.

"It would've put our brand in jeopardy if we weren't able to deliver what we committed to," he said.

Luckily, Ramphal said he personally received the tickets the next day from his neighbour, Paramjit Kaur, and learned that not only was the slip mistakenly put in her mailbox but that she was able to pick up the package at the local Shoppers.

An honest neighbour

Kaur sat down with CBC News and explained that she noticed the slip in her mailbox last Thursday and assumed it was for her since her son was waiting for a package.

Kaur said she went to Shoppers Drug Mart and signed for the package not realizing that the name and address did not match. 

"When we gave the slip they asked for my I.D. They checked my I.D. and just handed the package to me," she said. 

Paramjit Kaur says she wanted to personally return the tickets since she knows their value. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC)

It wasn't until Kaur and her son got home that they opened the package and saw the set of tickets inside.

"Inside was OVO tickets of Drake's show, which we realized didn't belong to us, so what we believed the right thing to do was to give it to whoever it belongs to," explained Kaur on Friday.

Kaur said she contacted security and asked them to call Ramphal so she could personally return the package since she knew how valuable the tickets are.

Shoppers Drug Mart's response

CBC News contacted Shoppers Drug Mart to ask how someone can pick up a package when their name and address don't match.

In a statement, the company said they've been in touch with store management and confirmed that there is a policy in place that requires customers picking up parcels to present identification as well as a proof of address that matches the package.

"Unfortunately, in this case this process was not fulfilled and we are working with the store immediately to make sure this is corrected moving forward," the statement said.

The company also explained that each Shoppers Drug Mart employee goes through an extensive training process with material provided by Canada Post.

CBC News also contacted Canada Post and learned that Shoppers Drug Mart postal offices are not managed by the Crown corporation.

'It's an accident that could definitely repeat itself'

However, this does not make Ramphal feel any better.

"I'm just a little bit nervous because it's an accident, but it's an accident that could definitely repeat itself," he said.

Ramphal explained that there were a lot of steps that could have prevented this and believes it starts with more diligence with the mail. 

Ramphal says he works from home and receives a lot of packages for his company, Southpaw Era, and wants to ensure this never happens again. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC)

However he is grateful that his neighbour made sure the package was returned.

"I realized that there was no reason why she had to to do that. You could've taken the tickets or sold the tickets since what they're going for now is astronomical," he said.

"But it meant a lot to me so I really appreciated that."