Toronto Lexus stolen and returned... twice

A Toronto woman's brand new Lexus GX 460 has been stolen twice, something that she says has spiked her insurance costs and lowered the car's value.

Owner alleges Lexus Canada won't take any responsibility for SUV's security system

Suzanne Clapp's Lexus GX 460 was stolen and recovered twice, devaluing it by nearly 50%. (Sneha Kulkarni/CBC)

Passing through Suzanne Clapp's Rosedale neighbourhood, you see a Lexus parked in nearly every other driveway.

Although she says there have been other thefts in the area, Clapp has been especially unlucky. Her new Lexus GX 460 was stolen and recovered — not once — but twice.

'Your car's gone again'

"We were frankly in disbelief, my husband woke up and said 'Your car's gone again,'" she said.  

The luxury SUV, which retails for roughly $60,000 was first stolen last November — just a month after Clapp bought it. Its owner says the car was locked, that she had the keys and there was no glass left on her driveway.

Toronto police recovered the vehicle soon afterwards, as part of an investigation into a major auto theft ring in the Greater Toronto Area targeting SUVs

Investigators found Clapp's SUV in a shipping container, bound for international resale, and was returned to her on Christmas Eve. 

By April, it had disappeared again.

"Once is one thing, you think, 'It happens to people. It's bad luck,'" she said. "A second time you got to start thinking it has something to do with the vehicle."

Clapp said she expected that she was paying for a high-end security system, given the vehicle's price point.

But after filing a complaint with her dealership she said she was told by Lexus Canada that the firm takes no responsibility for stolen vehicles.

Suzanne Clapp has had her luxury Lexus SUV stolen twice and isn't happy with the response from Lexus Canada (James Morrison/CBC)

CBC News reached out to Lexus Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada but has not heard back from either.

In addition to losing her sense of security, Clapp's Lexus has devalued by almost 50 per cent, given the cost of insurance deductibles.

A recent CBC Marketplace investigation found that the theft of keyless entry vehicles is on the rise. Clapp says she is looking to Lexus to address the security issue.

"We felt victimized and I want other people to know because this could be a problem for them."