Toronto, KC libraries trade barbs over Jays-Royals playoffs

A war of words is brewing between two libraries rooting for their hometown baseball teams.

Public libraries duke it out in book-spine poetry

Toronto and Kansas City libraries face off over Blue Jays-Royals series

7 years ago
Duration 9:12
Baseball series taken to heart with a book-spine battle over Twitter

A war of words is brewing between two libraries rooting for their hometown baseball teams.

After the Toronto Blue Jays' 7-1 comeback over the Kansas City Royals Wednesday night, the Toronto Public Library cleverly arranged a few books to form a new poem, gloating the victory.

"The Comeback, Blue Jays Blowout The Royals. Come Together."

But the Kansas City Public Library, which initiated the poetry face-off Tuesday night, is not standing down.

"The Bad Guys Won! Home Team Advantage, Forever Blue."

After the Jays' rough Game 4 against the Royals, the Kansas City Public Library tweeted a little poem at its Toronto counterpart. And we aren't talking "Roses are red."

"Canada, Sorry You Lost, What Bluebirds Do."

Not to be outdone, the Toronto Public Library tweeted back Wednesday with its own subtle yet stinging book-spine poetry, which quotes the late baseball superstar and sage, Yogi Berra.

"Warning, Kansas City, It Ain't Over Till It's Over."

That's one for the books, TPL.


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