Toronto fans step up, sing U.S. national anthem, after technical glitch

Leafs fans showed the kind of teamwork, hustle and heads-up play their team has been lacking lately when they jumped in to sing the U.S. national anthem after a technical glitch caused the audio to drop out before Tuesday's game.

Without missing a beat, Leafs fans jump in to finish The Star-Spangled Banner

The Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling, and their coach is under fire, but at least their fans are in game shape.

On Tuesday, before the Leafs were manhandled in an embarrassing 9-2 loss to the visiting Nashville Predators, the home fans stepped in and sang when a technical glitch caused the audio to cut out during the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner.

One of them captured the touching moment for YouTube when Leafs fans jumped in to sing the song's final verses. The video had more than 888,000 views as of Friday morning.

The Leafs, who lost 6-2 to the lowly Sabres in Buffalo on Saturday, could clearly use some of their fans' collective sense of teamwork and heads-up play (although to be fair, we should mention the Leafs managed to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-2 last night).

The Leafs return to the ice Saturday in a home game against the Detroit Red Wings. They may struggle again on the ice but at least if there's a problem with the national anthem, their fans will be ready.


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