Subway monsters, condo-loving robots fill pages of new Toronto Comics book

Toronto got a magical makeover in the latest anthology from more than 40 Toronto writers and artists.

City gets a magical makeover in latest anthology from more than 40 Toronto writers and artists

The TTC subway system is the backdrop for David Namisato's contribution to Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart, a new comic book putting a spin on life in Toronto. (David Namisato)

Ever wondered what causes those mysterious subway delays?

Monsters, obviously.

Or at least that's the comic book premise of one of the 21 new stories in the fourth volume of Toronto Comics, featuring tales about everything from giant robot battles over overpriced condos — to secrets hiding within Honest Ed's. 

The anthology features comics from 41 Toronto writers and artists. Comic artist David Namisato says his Signal Problems story was inspired by his morning commute and the TTC delays that often crop up on the way to his day job.

"And, also, realizing that often as commuters we blame the TTC immediately — but often it's things out of their control as well," he says.

David Namisato's contribution asks the question: What if TTC "signal problems" are really caused by underground monsters? (David Namisato/Toronto Comics)

His story, he says, is a "magical adventure that delves into the true nature behind the delays on the TTC subway line," and features TTC staff battling massive monsters, unbeknownst to subway riders.

The story even caught the eye of TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

The anthology as a whole is a "wonderful way to realize how many stories there are in Toronto," says Namisato, who lives in North York.

Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart is being released in May.