Toronto Catholic school board has highest expenses: investigation

A government report has slammed Toronto Catholic school board trustees for spending $1 million on personal expenses.

A government report has slammed Toronto Catholic District School Board trustees for spending $1 million on personal expenses.

The investigation, commissioned by the province, found the Toronto Catholic board spends more money on itself than any other board in Ontario.

Although trustees only get a $5,000 honorarium, the report found the board is spending an average of $100,000 per elected official for things like a car allowance and health benefits.

The report recommends the board bring in tougher rules when it comes to trustee expenses.

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne says the province has "no patience" for abuse of taxpayer dollars.

She says she will be working with the Toronto Catholic board to implement the report's recommendations and expects all boards will take a closer look at their own expenses.