Toronto blue bins overflowing

Toronto is asking residents to hold off until next week before putting out their Christmas trees to be collected.

The city is asking residents to keep their Christmas trees for at least another week before putting them out for recycling.

"Natural Christmas trees are collected in January on residents' scheduled garbage collection day," says a notice posted on the city's website.

In an average year the city says it collects about 100,000 Christmas trees. "These trees are collected by separate trucks, shredded and made into finished compost."

But other items destined for the recycling bins are already starting to pile up.

Stephanie Colbourne of Toronto says her family was "swimming" in gift-related trash and paper.

"After we opened all of our presents it was crazy," she said, "we had so much wrapping."

But the city is prepared for the all the extras.

During the holidays recycling volume goes up about 10 per cent from 4,000 tons per week to 4,400 tons.

Organic wastes increases about five per cent, from 2,400 to 2,600 tons.

The city advises residents to check out its Waste Wizard website for details on how to dispose of most items.