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Rob Ford's tumour hasn't shrunk after chemotherapy

Two rounds of chemotherapy have failed to shrink the tumour in Rob Ford's abdomen, the Toronto mayor said.

Olivia Chow not certain what next step will be

Two days after finishing behind John Tory and Doug Ford in Monday's mayoral election, Olivia Chow says she's not sure what's next for her.

Meet some of Toronto's new councillors

Much of the new Toronto city council will be made up of incumbents, but there are a handful of new faces.

Doug Ford mulling bid for Ontario PC leadership

Doug Ford muses about the possibility of taking a run at the leadership of the Ontario PC party and talks about his second-place finish in the Toronto mayoral election.

Toronto election: John Tory elected mayor, closing Ford era

John Tory was elected mayor on Oct. 27, vowing to "begin building Toronto the great."

Toronto election: Long lines hang up voters at some polling stations

Polls closed at 8 p.m. on Monday night, but that time came and went and Toronto resident Neil Metcalfe was still waiting in line to vote.

Toronto council races dominated by incumbent candidates

Sitting council members dominated the results in last night's Toronto muncipal election, with only one incument out of 38 losing his seat.

Doug Ford omnipresent at city hall no longer

Just as Rob Ford's outrageous actions defined the last few years of city hall in Toronto, so too have Doug Ford's words. Always unpredictable, rarely on message.

John Tory ends Rob Ford's reign over Toronto

John Tory has what he wanted, and it would seem the people of the city got what they wanted: a new mayor and a new approach at city hall. But, the race was a lot closer than many predicted.

Bonnie Crombie takes over for Hazel McCallion in Mississauga, Susan Fennell out in Brampton

A thunderous classic rock song played as winds of change blew through Peel Region on Monday night, with Brampton and Mississauga voters electing two new civic leaders — the first time in years that either city has had someone new sitting in the mayor's chair.

Toronto election: Rob Ford will return to council

Toronto has elected a handful of new councillors to represent them at City Hall over the next four years, but they also returned more than three dozen familiar faces — including Rob Ford.

Toronto election: John Tory elected mayor

John Tory has won the election to be Toronto's next mayor — ending the often gruelling, hotly contested race for the city's top job and the tenure of outgoing mayor Rob Ford.

Explore Toronto's political landscape by issue

Find out how opinion on the city's most pressing issues differs across Toronto's 44 wards, based on more than 22,000 respondents to CBC's Vote Compass.

Toronto votes: 5 council races to watch

International interest in controversial outgoing mayor Rob Ford has focused attention on the mayor's race this election. But there are several key battlegrounds on council worth a close look on election day.

Toronto election: Voters at the polls as candidates make final push

Toronto voters are at the polls in what is sure to be one of the most closely watched Toronto municipal elections in decades.
Live Blog

Toronto votes: Follow the latest updates

Follow our live blog for updates in the Toronto municipal election and results after 8 p.m. ET.

Toronto municipal election: Stay with CBC for complete coverage

CBC is your destination for up-to-the-minute election results as Toronto voters head to the polls in one of the most anticipated municipal elections in the city's history.

Doug Ford raises $300,000 from 738 donors

Mayoral candidate Doug Ford raised $300,000 in a short, six-week mayoral campaign, according to a donors list he released.

Toronto mayoral candidates campaign over final weekend

The top three contenders in Toronto's mayoral race are out in full force in the weekend before election day.

John Tory releases donor list

John Tory released his donor list in the final weekend before Toronto's mayoral election and touted nearly $2.5 million in funds.

Watch 1-on-1 mayoral candidate interviews

CBC's Dwight Drummond sat down for one-on-one interviews with each of the top three contenders in Toronto's mayoral race. Listen to their interviews before the October 27 election.

Doug Ford: Toronto election 'a dead heat'

Doug Ford says the mayoral race is far from over, saying Friday that internal polls are showing him exactly how close things are.

City hall reporters reflect on campaign's long, winding road

Metro Morning brings together three city hall reporters who are each looking forward to covering the results on Monday, when voters cast their ballots in Toronto's muncipal election.

Toronto mayoral candidates spar over transit in final debate

Toronto's top three mayoral candidates focused on their transit plans and how they will fund them during their last debate before Monday's election.

Karen Stintz backtracks on pledge not to endorse candidate

Karen Stintz is not running to retain her seat in Ward 16 Eglinton-Lawrence, but she has a preference for her replacement — and it's not her former assistant.

John Tory snags endorsement, Olivia Chow begins 'closing case'

With four days to go before election day, the city's aspiring mayors are eyeing the finish line in the months-long mayoral campaign.

Doug Ford should apologize to reporter, mayoral opponents say

WARNING: Story contains graphic language: Toronto mayoral candidates Olivia Chow and John Tory are demanding Doug Ford apologize for comments allegedly made yesterday to a Toronto Star reporter.

Will Toronto break habit of promoting city councillors to mayor?

If either John Tory or Olivia Chow become the city's next mayor, it will be the first time in recent memory that Toronto will have a mayor who wasn't part of council in the previous term.

Toronto election: John Tory leads mayoral contenders in new poll

Olivia Chow, Doug Ford and John Tory will once again face off in a debate on Wednesday night, as they each make their case to voters just days ahead of the mayoral election.

Stintz says Moeser a 'great' councillor, but wants him to go

Karen Stintz says she worked alongside Ron Moeser on council for more than a decade and thinks he's been "a great councillor, a great person," but also thinks someone else should take on his job this fall.

10 Toronto council rematches playing out this election

In 10 wards across the city, voters will remember seeing a pair of names place first and second on the ballot in a recent election.

Voters surprised to learn they're not on the voter's list

With five days before the Toronto municipal election, CBC news has learned some people appear to have been dropped from the voter's list.

Olivia Chow releases donor list, touts $1.7M in donations

Olivia Chow made good on her promise to release the list of her campaign donors on Wednesday, while John Tory provided a general description of the people who have supported his mayoral bid.

Toronto election: Rob Ford's legacy sparks tense exchange at Scarborough debate

Toronto’s three leading mayoral candidates met Tuesday evening in the final debate of the election campaign focused on issues facing Scarborough.

Olivia Chow says 'the real John Tory is a conservative'

Olivia Chow argues that a vote for John Tory is a vote for a leader of the same political stripe that has run Toronto for the past four years.

3 top mayoral candidates clash over transit, land transfer tax

There's not much time left for Toronto's mayoral candidates to make their case to voters, but they are still making time to mix it up with one another during debates.
Transit grades

Comparing the candidates' transit plans

Who has the best transit plan in the mayor's race?

Mayoral candidates debate Toronto's place among world's best cities

The three leading mayoral candidates squared-off Monday evening in a debate that repeatedly pivoted to the question of whether or not Toronto is a “great” city.

Olivia Chow wants to get tough with Toronto landlords

Olivia Chow says she'd get tough with landlords who aren't taking care of the buildings they rent to tenants, by ramping up inspections, demanding action and taking property owners to court when necessary.

161,147 Toronto voters cast ballots early

More than twice as many people have cast early ballots in Toronto for the upcoming election as compared to four years ago, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee increased turnout on Election Day.

Rob Ford asked to leave Ward 17 advance voting station

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was asked to leave an advance voting location on Saturday, city staff has confirmed.​

Ward 6 candidate Russ Ford runs with polarizing last name

Russ Ford has learned not to take it personally when people slam doors in his face.

Toronto election: 1 in 5 mayoral, council candidates joined race in September

One in five mayoral and council candidates waited until September to enter their respective election races.

Doug Ford, Olivia Chow take jabs at John Tory

John Tory was a recurring topic of conversation despite his absence from the mayoral debate on housing and homelessness.

Ward 9 profile

2 Ward 9 city council candidates fight over signs

Matt Galloway on prepping for CBC's mayoral debate

Olivia Chow, Doug Ford and John Tory are not the only ones getting ready for CBC's town hall debate on Thursday night.

Doug Ford: Toronto Community Housing repairs a 'top priority'

Doug Ford says he's developed a "passion" for social housing while working alongside his brother over the past four years, which has shown him the help that urgently needs to be provided to residents.

Toronto mayoral candidates spar over financing, civility at CBC debate

CBC News hosts a town hall candidates' debate at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre with the three leading Toronto mayoral candidates.

Olivia Chow questions funding for John Tory's SmartTrack

Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow continued to question details of opponent John Tory's transit plan Thursday, saying numbers contained in the funding plan for SmartTrack don't add up.

Toronto election raises prospect of strategic voting

The topic of strategic voting has been creeping into discussions about the mayoral race taking place in Toronto. Political scientists are divided on how much of a role it could play on Election Day.

Toronto election: Voters break record on 1st day of advance voting

Torontonians broke a record on Tuesday for the highest voter turnout on the first day of advance voting in the pending mayoral election.

Vote Compass shows Torontonians divided on transit plans

CBC's Vote Compass results so far show Torontonians are deeply divided on how the city's next mayor should tackle transit, which is often cited as the No. 1 issue in the pending election.

Transit debate

Torontonians divided on transit, Vote Compass results show

'No room' for Tory's SmartTrack trains at Union Station, Chow says

Olivia Chow says Union Station doesn't have the capacity to handle the number of trains that will be needed to make John Tory's proposed SmartTrack transit service a reality.

Why Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford isn't seeking endorsements

Olivia Chow and John Tory have been stockpiling endorsements over the course of their respective campaigns to be the next mayor of Toronto, while Doug Ford has said he won't be chasing such nods of approval.

Ward 20 advance voters arrive with pre-marked sample ballots

CBC News uncovered a potential breach of municipal voting rules in Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina on Tuesday.

Toronto's leading mayoral candidates debate economic, immigration issues

The three leading candidates in Toronto's mayoral race debated economic and immigration issues Tuesday evening during the second debate of the day.

Ailing Rob Ford casts early mayoral ballot for brother

An ailing Mayor Rob Ford cast a ballot today in advance voting for the municipal election, and told reporters he's confident in his brother's chances at succeeding him at Toronto City Hall.

Doug Ford touts John Tory 'endorsement' from 2010

Doug Ford taunted a key mayoral rival on Tuesday, highlighting an "endorsement" John Tory offered during the last municipal election — one his opponent acknowledged, but said was proven rooted in false hope.

Toronto election advance voting begins Tuesday

Starting Tuesday, Toronto voters will have six days to cast a ballot early in the Oct. 27 election.

Latest John Tory endorsement fails to impress his opponents

Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt endorsed John Tory’s mayoral campaign Monday, though the nod did little to impress his opponents on the campaign trail.

Toronto mayoral campaign continues on Thanksgiving

The city's most high-profile mayoral candidates spent part of their Thanksgiving Monday at a Toronto food bank. But even as they sorted out donations, they were still campaigning.

Toronto election advance voting begins Tuesday

Starting Tuesday, Toronto voters will have six days to cast a ballot early in the Oct. 27 election.

Olivia Chow attacks John Tory's housing plan

Olivia Chow takes aim at John Tory's housing plan, claiming her rival for the top job in Toronto "has not done his homework" on the inner workings of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

North York mayoral debate marred by disarray, confusion

The disarray that marked the run up to the latest Toronto mayoral debate continued Friday night as candidates and organizers alike struggled with questions, answers and a gate-crasher.

Candidates clash over transit, conflict of interest rules

Doug Ford and Olivia Chow continued to press John Tory about details in his SmartTrack transit plan at a debate Friday

Debate organizers face dilemma in Toronto mayors' race

Ari Goldkind has little hope of becoming mayor on Oct. 27, so should he be invited to every debate? What about the scores of other candidates?

Doug Ford, John Tory spar over Goldkind snub

A squabble over candidate Ari Goldkind throws a mayoral debate scheduled for Friday into disarray as both John Tory and Doug Ford threaten, for different reasons, to drop out.

John Tory endorsed by Denzil Minnan-Wong

Three high-profile Toronto mayoral candidates hit the campaign trail early Thursday, with John Tory picking up an endorsement from a city councillor who served on Mayor Rob Ford's executive committee.

Olivia Chow underperforming in Toronto's race for mayor

She came in as the front-runner with established name recognition, so why is Olivia Chow running in third place, as polls suggest?

Rob Ford's old ward has many other hopeful candidates

There are 14 candiates hoping to become councillor for Ward 2 - Etobicoke North, including Mayor Rob Ford. But recent violent incidences have some thinking it's time for a change in the area.

Doug Ford points to 'lost years' on John Tory's resume

Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford took aim at John Tory's resumé this morning, alleging that his opponent intentionally neglected to tell voters about his tenure on the board and audit committee of a U.S. telecom that filed for creditor protection in 2009.

Rob Ford draws line between his antics and his brother's campaign

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doesn't want his past bad behaviour to stain the mayoral campaign of his brother.

Doug Ford makes gains in Toronto mayor's race, poll suggests

Doug Ford has made enough gains to pull into a statistical dead heat with John Tory, a new Forum Research poll suggests.

John Tory's SmartTrack plan under increasing scrutiny

John Tory may be leading the race to become Toronto's next mayor but his transit plan is under increasing scrutiny with three weeks to go in the campaign.

Mayor Rob Ford to start 2nd round of chemotherapy Tuesday

Rob Ford's brother says the ailing Toronto mayor will begin a second round of chemotherapy on Tuesday.

Doug Ford calls debate audience 'ignorant'

Strict time limits and a ''no heckling" rule kept attendees on message and, for the most part, well-behaved as the candidates to be Toronto's next mayor debated the issues once again.

David Soknacki claims Fords used city resources for mayoral campaign

David Soknacki may have dropped out of the race, but he's still criticizing Toronto's current mayor and his brother.

How to vote in today's Toronto municipal election

Not sure where to vote or what ID to bring with you? Here's a primer on what voters need to know when they go to cast their ballot.

Olivia Chow campaign platform highlights transit

Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow released her full campaign platform Friday with measures aimed at everything from improving transit to expanding the city's tree canopy.

Ari Goldkind spells out criticism of Doug Ford

Ari Goldkind lobs one-liners at Doug Ford as the leading candidates to be Toronto’s next mayor gather for their latest debate.

Olivia Chow confronts racism, sexism in mayoral campaign

Olivia Chow says she’s still angry one day after a mayoral debate was marred by a prejudicial remark though, she notes, it’s not the first time she’s been attacked because of her gender or ethnicity.

Doug Ford says downtown relief line is his top transit priority

Doug Ford says if elected mayor of Toronto, he will make a downtown relief line the priority of his transit plan.

Rob Ford leaves meeting early 'not feeling very well'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford left a candidates meeting early Wednesday night, telling reporters he wasn't feeling well.

Doug Ford defends attendance record in CBC interview

Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford appeared on CBC Radio's Metro Morning today, defending his attendance record as a councillor and his brother's record in office.

Toronto mayoral election signs installed by campaigns

An army of volunteers set out after midnight Thursday and began putting up lawn signs for each of Toronto’s mayoral candidates.

Mayoral debate poses puzzling questions in Corso Italia

Housing, transit, sidewalk repair and even uranium processing were among the topics discussed Wednesday night as the top four candidates to be Toronto’s next mayor gathered for a debate in Corso Italia.

Toronto election signs: What are the rules?

Election signs must confirm to an elaborate set of rules. CBC News has put together a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know.

Doug Ford promises 15% cut to Municipal Land Transfer Tax

Doug Ford says he'll cut 15 per cent from the Municipal Land Transfer Tax each year for four years if he's elected mayor, while his two most high-profile opponents have no plans to trim it.

Doug Ford, John Tory clash over BMO field funding

Mayoral candidates John Tory and Doug Ford clash over the city's move to contribute a $10-million loan toward the refurbishment of BMO Field.

Real City Matters: Civil talks about Toronto civic politics

A series of panel discussions ahead of the Oct. 27 municipal election aimes to inject some optimism into the discussion about Toronto's politics and the city's future.

Olivia Chow vows to create 3,000 new child-care spaces

Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow says if elected she will create 3,000 more child-care spaces in the city, about half of them subsidized.

Will John Tory fumble the ball in Toronto mayoral bid?

Polls suggest John Tory is leading the Toronto mayoralty race, but will his past record on voting day come back to haunt him?

Doug Ford touts new Toronto music festival at debate on the arts

Austin, Tex., surprisingly became a topic of discussion at a lunchtime debate about arts funding.

Vote Compass comes to Toronto's mayoral election

John Tory? Olivia Chow? Doug Ford? Vote Compass generates an analysis of how your views compare to the positions of the candidates.

Longshot lawyer candidate Ari Goldkind touts candid tax talk

A candidate that openly talks about raising taxes? Defence lawyer Ari Goldkind says he's the only mayoral candidate willing to talk truthfully about the city's need for new revenue sources.

Racist, homophobic comments mar municipal campaign

The Toronto municipal election has taken on a nasty, and at times racist, tone this week.

Doug Ford and John Tory trade barbs at raucous Toronto mayoral debate

Toronto’s political crazy train kept on rolling during Doug Ford’s first mayoral debate Tuesday night, as candidates traded barbs in front of a rowdy, and at times abusive, audience.

Olivia Chow talks transit, police budget on Metro Morning

Olivia Chow appears on Metro Moring Thursday to talk about her campaign to be the next mayor of Toronto.

John Tory defends SmartTrack plan on Metro Morning

Toronto mayoralty front-runner John Tory appeared on Metro Morning Wednesday, defending the funding formula of his transit plan and touting his ability to get senior governments to each pick up one third of the tab.