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Judge refuses Dellen Millard's request for mistrial at Laura Babcock murder trial

A judge swiftly quashed co-accused Dellen Millard's call for a mistrial at the Laura Babcock murder trial, where he is acting as his own lawyer.

Laura Babcock's dad asked that he not be questioned by daughter's accused killer, but judge allowed it

The father of Laura Babcock was "concerned" about being questioned in court by the man accused of killing his daughter, but despite a pretrial effort by the Crown to avoid the scenario, a judge allowed it to happen.

What the jury didn't hear at the Laura Babcock murder trial

As the jury at the Laura Babcock murder trial deliberates behind closed doors, CBC News can now reveal some of the things jurors didn't hear during the weeks-long trial in Toronto.

Jury at Laura Babcock trial now deliberating on a verdict

After seven weeks of testimony, and a marathon three-day judge's charge, the fates of accused killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are now in the hands of the jury in Toronto. Both men have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

Judge lays out manslaughter, murder verdict options for jury at Laura Babcock murder trial

Justice Michael Code laid out possible verdicts for jurors at the Laura Babcock murder trial today, telling them that manslaughter, first-degree murder and second-degree murder options are all on the table.

Crown's case in Laura Babcock murder trial is mostly circumstantial, judge says in charge to jury

The Crown’s case against the two men accused of killing Toronto woman Laura Babcock is almost all circumstantial, the judge said today during his final charge to the jury.

Laura Babcock didn't disappear, she was murdered, Crown tells jury during closing address

Though there's no evidence of exactly how it happened, co-accused killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich murdered Toronto woman Laura Babcock before incinerating her body to obliterate any trace of evidence, the Crown said today in closing statements in court.​

Millard tells Laura Babcock murder trial he was in open relationship, had no motive to kill

Accused killer Dellen Millard says his "open relationship" with then-girlfriend Christina Noudga contradicts a Crown theory that he killed Toronto woman Laura Babcock to get out of a love triangle.

Accused killers Millard and Smich won't testify at Laura Babcock murder trial

After weeks of speculation over whether accused killer Dellen Millard would put himself in the witness box, the Toronto man who has been acting as his own lawyer confirmed in court Wednesday that he won't.

Animal bone expert struggles during testimony at Laura Babcock murder trial

Dellen Millard called three witnesses Tuesday, including an expert in animal bones, at the Laura Babcock murder trial in Toronto. The accused killer is acting as his own lawyer in Ontario Superior Court.

Co-accused Dellen Millard skips opening statement, presents texts as evidence at Laura Babcock murder trial

Dellen Millard skips presenting his opening statement and instead begins his defence at the Laura Babcock murder trial by reading pages and pages of text messages — including some he wrote to co-accused Mark Smich — that focused on his problems sleeping.

Laura Babcock murder trial: Former detective tells jury what was found on seized electronic devices

A retired OPP officer, described by the judge at the Laura Babcock murder as "undoubtedly the most substantial witness of the trial," began testifying on Tuesday afternoon in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto.

Laura Babcock murder trial expected to hear from final witnesses as it enters 5th week

The Laura Babcock murder trial is entering its fifth week of testimony and jurors in a Toronto courtroom will hear from only a handful more witnesses as the Crown is expected to wrap up its case against co-accused Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

There was no plan to start pet cremation business, Dellen Millard's uncle tells murder trial

Accused killer Dellen Millard's uncle vehemently tried to dispel any notion he planned to go into the pet cremation business with his nephew, during his extremely tense and at times angry testimony at the Laura Babcock murder trial this afternoon.

'A funny smell, like rotting': Accused killer Dellen Millard's mechanic testifies about incinerators

The mechanic of co-accused Dellen Millard tells the Laura Babcock murder trial he saw ash and something that looked like bone, as he filled the propane tank on an animal incinerator purchased by Millard in the summer of 2012.

Laura Babcock murder trial: Photo of burning bones challenged by defence

A farm equipment salesman tells the jury at the Laura Babcock murder trial that he sold an animal incinerator to accused killer Dellen Millard in 2012 for $15,424. A forensics expert says a photo found in Millard's home of the inside of the machine appeared to show burning bones.

Laura Babcock murder trial: What happens if Dellen Millard testifies?

Accused killer Dellen Millard is acting as his own lawyer. What happens if he wants to testify?

Laura Babcock murder trial: These are the people who tried to help in the days before her disappearance

The ongoing trial into the presumed murder of Toronto's Laura Babcock has heard from a number of her close friends. Many told the jury how they offered her a sympathetic ear or place to stay. These are some of their stories.

Laura Babcock murder trial: Can cellphone records really prove where someone was?

Whatever happened to Laura Babcock the night of July 3, 2012, her phone was still alive the next day. A small but now critical amount of information is known about Babcock's cellphone activity.

'I didn't want her to sleep on the street': Good Samaritan gave Laura Babcock a place to stay, trial hears

The ups and downs of Laura Babcock's life, and the final days before her disappearance in the summer of 2012, are again scrutinized as the trial into her alleged murder continues in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto.

A deeply disturbing and emotional 1st week at the Laura Babcock murder trial

Crown Jill Cameron and her team have already called more than a dozen witnesses and at least a dozen more are expected as they attempt to craft an airtight case against co-accused Dellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, and his onetime best friend, Mark Smich, 30 of Oakville, On.

At Laura Babcock trial, court hears of love triangle and 'catty' texting war

Jury members hear from a friend of Laura Babcock's, who details tension between Babcock and a woman named Christina Noudga. Both were romantically involved with one of the men accused in Babcock's death, Dellen Millard.

Accused killer's friend breaks down in witness box at Laura Babcock murder trial

A friend of accused killer Mark Smich broke down in tears in the witness box Thursday after the Crown played a video of Smich rapping about burning a body and getting rid of evidence.

'Do you find me sketchy?' Accused killer Dellen Millard questions ex-boyfriend of Laura Babcock

Dellen Millard received a warning Tuesday from the judge overseeing his first-degree murder trial about an "inappropriate" line of questioning during his cross-examination of the ex-boyfriend of the woman he is accused of killing.

Why is Dellen Millard questioning Laura Babcock's father in court? Because he can

Accused of first-degree murder in the death of Laura Babcock, Dellen Millard is representing himself and grilling the father of his alleged victim in court.