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As anniversary of Toronto van attacks looms, how is the city keeping public spaces safe?

Protecting people from vehicular attacks doesn't require new technology or Draconian security measures. Look to Vision Zero, says Nicole Gelinas, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute think-tank in New York City.

What you need to know about Doug Ford's contentious plan for transit in the GTA

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has finally unveiled his much-touted, $28.5-billion plan for new transit infrastructure in the Greater Toronto Area. There are still many questions left to be answered about funding, planning and timelines.

'It is scandalous': $224M spent on transit projects, but several now in limbo, report reveals

"Hundreds of millions of tax dollars have already been wasted," Coun. Josh Matlow told CBC Toronto, following the release of a sweeping new transit report from the city amid the province's push to shake up projects already in motion.

Councillor's call for return of Toronto's car tax voted down by city council

A Toronto councillor's motion to bring back the polarizing $60 vehicle registration fee scrapped under former mayor Rob Ford, failed Thrusday to get majority support at city council.

Doug Ford's role in OPP turmoil raises questions of political interference

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are political opposites who right now share something: both face allegations of political interference in the justice system.

Opposition cries foul as Premier Doug Ford's list of patronage appointments grows

The list of Progressive Conservative party insiders getting plum provincial appointments from Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet is growing, less than eight months into the new government's term.

Voters want something new, campaigns (sometimes) still matter — and other political lessons of 2018

Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and the U.S. midterms: Change was in the air in 2018's elections. And that could hold a few broader lessons for the eventful election year to come.

Trudeau's meeting with party leaders on French-language rights ends without results

The leaders of the four main federal opposition parties met today with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss how to better support francophones outside of Quebec in the wake of cuts to French languages services in Ontario.

Outgoing councillors packing up, sharing memories after years — or decades — at city hall

The next council — a mix of mostly familiar faces and three newcomers — will be sworn in on Tuesday, with this week marking the departure of half of the current 44 councillors.

Boost funding for 'strong transit system,' advocates tell Ford government

A coalition of advocacy groups and health organizations have written an open letter to the provincial government before its fall economic statement on Thursday.

'Take this win and run with it': Tory's resounding victory an opportunity for bold action

John Tory has secured a second term as Toronto's mayor, besting his rival and former chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat after a wild election campaign.

Rivals for mayor's seat start 'big, big push' for votes on last election campaign weekend

With fewer than 48 hours to election day, the two top candidates for the mayor's seat spent Saturday traversing the city and preparing their respective ground games before the big vote.

Tory throws support behind TDSB trustee candidate running against Sandro Lisi

​Mayor John Tory has thrown his support behind a Toronto District School Board trustee candidate who is running against former mayor Rob Ford's friend, driver and confidant Alexander (Sandro) Lisi in Ward 1.

With a week to go, John Tory is still on track for re-election

John Tory is on track to add Doug Ford's 2014 supporters to those who voted for him four years ago.

How would Ontario's plan to change Toronto politics work? An explainer

The Ontario government threw a wrench into some of the province's municipal politics on Friday by announcing a huge reduction to the size of Toronto's city council and the cancellation of elections for certain regional positions. The Canadian Press spoke to analysts about the plan and its implications.

Renata Ford faces growing cash crunch as she pursues Premier Doug Ford in court, records show

Sworn financial statements filed last year by Renata Ford, widow of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, suggest she could be in significant financial trouble as she tries to force Ontario Premier Doug Ford to hand over funds from Rob's estate.

Permanent residents want to vote in Toronto this fall, but there's little hope for electoral reform

Advocates of expanding the right to vote to many non-citizens don't expect support from Premier Doug Ford, who voted against that idea during his time on Toronto city council.

3 big challenges for the TTC's next CEO

The TTC board is getting closer to selecting a new CEO. On Tuesday, the board will hold a private meeting to agree on a preferred candidate.

Revellers pour into rainy Toronto for 1st Pride parade since Bruce McArthur's arrest

The joyous and celebratory atmosphere of Toronto's 38th Pride parade briefly turned sombre on Sunday as revellers paused for a moment of silence for LGBT victims of violence.

Renata Ford, Rob Ford's widow, gets 3 years probation in impaired driving case

The widow of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been given a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to impaired driving on Wednesday.

Family farms one of many concerns in unified fight against Trump's trade threats: Don Pittis

Does U.S. President Donald Trump plan to put rural America first at the expense of rural Canada? The way his tariff threats have united Canadians offers insight into this country's contrasting approach to market economics.

'Magic' of simple message, simple strategy led to Ford victory

He may be polarizing to a significant segment of voters, have run a messy campaign and come with his own political baggage, but Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford may just have been the "ideal candidate."

Ontario parties still running Facebook ads during election day blackout

Three of Ontario’s four largest provincial political parties are microtargeting Ontario voters with Facebook ads on election day, despite the advertising blackout period provided for in Ontario’s election laws, CBC News has learned.

Anonymous group targeting Ford pulls its Facebook attack ads

A mysterious group that has been microtargeting Ontario voters with Facebook ads attacking Conservative Leader Doug Ford says it has stopped running the ads for the final two days of the Ontario election campaign.

City of Toronto prepares to revisit the single-use plastic debate

As cities across the globe take action to reduce the amount of plastics in recycling systems and landfills, Toronto is gearing up to take another look at its plastic-reduction policies.

Horwath stops again in HWAD riding, hoping it pays off with 2 days left to campaign

Three days left before election day, NDP leader Andrea Horwath makes eight stops. One of them in Dundas, where she's hopeful it will go orange for the first time in nearly two decades.
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Beware the sharks, radiation, masses of garbage: Benoit Lecomte starts 9,000 km swim across Pacific

A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: Benoit Lecomte starts bid to become first to swim across Pacific Ocean; lawyer Gloria Allred talks about what motivates her to fight for the rights of women; U.S. readies big bailouts for coal industry.

Doug Ford calls allegations in sister-in-law's lawsuit 'false and without merit'

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is calling the lawsuit filed by his late brother Rob's widow "heartbreaking," and says claims he and his brother Randy have mismanaged finances at the Ford family companies are "false and without merit."

PC Leader Doug Ford faces lawsuit alleging millions withheld from late brother's family

Rob Ford's widow has launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against brothers-in-law Doug and Randy Ford and their family businesses, claiming she and her children were bilked out of millions of dollars.

What we can learn from Doug Ford's days on Toronto city council

PC leader remembered as a 'ruthless' and 'jovial' city councillor with a focus on cost-cutting and a penchant for picking fights.

Doug Ford welcomed in eastern Ontario during 1st campaign rallies

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford was met with supporters during the first official stops of the the provincial campaign period, as well as questions about a west Ottawa candidate.

Party leaders to square off in 1st debate ahead of Ontario election

The leaders of Ontario's three main political parties will square off on the same stage for the first time Monday, just days before the official start of the province's spring election campaign.

Mammoliti, TPA execs 'actively' pushed land deal with inflated $12M price tag, secret report says

Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti and several executives from the Toronto Parking Authority pushed hard for a deal that would have seen the public overpay by about $2.6 million for a piece of land in the councillor's ward, says a secret report obtained by CBC Toronto.

Liberal official apologizes for crude remark about Doug Ford

A senior campaign official for the Ontario Liberals is apologizing for a crude comment he made on live television about Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford.

Ontario party leaders face off in black community debate - without Ford

Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP leader Andrea Horwath faced off at a black community debate Wednesday, Doug Ford didn't show. He was at his own rally in Sudbury.

Kathleen Wynne challenges Doug Ford to at least 3 debates before June election

In a letter addressed to PC Leader Doug Ford, Kathleen Wynne says the debates will allow for "direct, unscripted discussions of the issues that confront our province's future."

Toronto condo rents climb 11% in past year as new mortgage rules lock out buyers

The average cost to rent a condominium in the Greater Toronto Area has risen by almost 11 per cent in the past year, partly because tougher mortgage rules have shut out new buyers and flooded the market with renters, a new report by research firm Urbanation says.

Damian Lewis to play Rob Ford in new film, but casting choice for reporter raising eyebrows

Damian Lewis, the star of Billions and Homeland, is set to portray the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a film called Run This Town.

'No other politician' supported black community more, says PC leader Doug Ford

Ontario PC leader Doug Ford says no politician in Canada, other than his late brother Rob, has supported the black community more than he has.

Giorgio Mammoliti opts not to run for PCs in Ontario election

Toronto Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti says he will no longer seek to run in the upcoming provincial election, announcing Monday that he has opted instead to vie to hold his city council seat.

Comedian Martha Chaves finds funny in being an outsider

If Martha Chaves' comedy career were a child, she says it would be old enough to have been kicked out of the house already.

Giorgio Mammoliti to run for Ontario PC nomination in Brampton Centre

Toronto city Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti announced Tuesday he is running to be the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate in Brampton Centre for the upcoming provincial election.

Carbon pricing seems obvious to economists, but for many voters it just doesn't click: Don Pittis

If you want to stop climate change — and most Canadians say they do — economists insist they know the most efficient way of making it happen.

Who is Tanya Granic Allen, the kingmaker in the Ont. PC leadership race, and what's next for her?

Doug Ford is the new Ontario Progressive Conservative leader and potentially the province's next premier because of the kingmaker role that Tanya Granic Allen ended up playing in the race.

Election of Doug Ford as PC leader offers Ontario only 'Toronto-centric' options, says mayor

Doug Ford, a former Toronto city councillor, was named the Ontario PC leader after narrowly defeating Christine Elliott during a chaotic party convention on Saturday.

5 things to know about new Ontario Tory leader Doug Ford

Doug Ford has been named the new leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives, winning a contest fraught with complications.

Doug Ford wants open review of 'scandalous' and 'ridiculous' Tory leadership vote

Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Doug Ford is calling for a investigation whether he wins or loses, and a legal expert says if the party executive doesn't grant his request, the former Toronto city councillor could launch a legal challenge.

Ontario PCs can win in Toronto with Doug Ford — and probably without him

Toronto hasn't elected an Ontario PC MPP in four consecutive provincial elections. Doug Ford says he can change that.

Will Bowman take a page from the Sam Katz re-election playbook in 2018?

If the mayoral campaign is a snoozer, the race to fill Winnipeg's 15 other city council seats will amount to a complex political game where the prize is nothing less than the control of city council for the next four years.

How Facebook is pulling back the curtain on Ontario PC leadership campaign ads

As the Ontario PC Leadership candidates try to convince supporters to buy last-minute party memberships, new changes at Facebook let us see how they're trying to tailor their messages to different audiences.

Fight to dump Carleton Place mayor fans push for recall legislation

In the wake of sanctions against the mayor of Carleton Place for multiple breaches of the town's code of conduct, one resident is calling for recall legislation to help get rid of elected officials.

Doug Ford rejects Trump comparisons but Twitter fans urge him to Make Ontario Great Again

Doug Ford is laughing off the idea of adopting Make Ontario Great Again as a campaign slogan in his bid to lead the province's Progressive Conservative Party. He's also rejecting any comparisons to U.S. President Donald Trump but he's making some familiar populist promises in his campaign.

Friends held at gunpoint during Mount Pearl home invasion, trial told

With confident authority, Abdifatah Mohamed leans his body over the prisoner's box at St. John's provincial court.

Who's in so far in the Ontario PC leadership race

With the Ontario Progressive Conservatives set to choose their new leader on March 10, the race will be one of the shortest in Canadian history and possibly one of the most hostile.

Caroline Mulroney officially joins PC leadership race

Caroline Mulroney, the Toronto lawyer and daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, is running to become the leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party.

Big challenges ahead for Ontario PC leadership hopefuls in race to replace Patrick Brown

Candidates hoping to lead the Ontario PC party and have a good chance of being the next premier will inherit challenges caused by unprecedented turmoil in the organization.

Conservative MP Erin O'Toole considering run for Ontario PC leadership

Ontario Conservative MP Erin O'Toole says he's not ruling out running as a candidate in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race.

Ontario's PC party turmoil shakes up election plans for Liberals, NDP

When Patrick Brown suddenly stepped down as Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader last week it not only shook up his own party, but also the election plans of his opponents.

'Unjust and wrong' says Ontario PC executive member of attempts to derail leadership race

A northwestern Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate, Derek Parks, who also sits as a regional vice president on the party's executive said Monday he's worried a proposed leadership race could be shut down.

Doug Ford says he will run in Ontario PC leadership race

Former Toronto councillor Doug Ford says he will run for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, announcing his bid days after Patrick Brown stepped down amid sexual misconduct allegations.

Pricey drug could help Digby dad fighting rare cancer

Jordan Morgan was diagnosed with an undifferentiated cell sarcoma four years ago. He's hoping a recently approved drug could help shrink his tumour to an operable size. But it costs $15,000 per treatment.
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Cape Town water supply near 'point of no return' as reservoirs run dry

A deeper dive into the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse.

Massive laundromat mural captures life in The 6

The Monte Carlo Laundromat in North York might look like any ordinary laundromat from the street, but step inside and you’ll find a massive mural tribute to Toronto spanning more than 18 meters wide and 1.5 metres high.

Massive laundromat mural captures life in The 6

The Monte Carlo Laundromat in North York might look like any ordinary laundromat from the street, but step inside and you’ll find a massive mural tribute to Toronto spanning more than 18 meters wide and 1.5 metres high.

Patrick Brown, Ontario PCs ramp up campaign prep with convention

For a party that has lost four straight provincial elections, the Progressive Conservatives are heading into the home stretch before the campaign with plenty of enthusiasm and optimism.

John Tory is on track for re-election in 2018 — but a year is a (very) long time

Toronto Mayor John Tory is posting strong numbers in the polls but should not take re-election in 2018 for granted.

'We bury a lot of youth': Somali-Canadian community cries out for action after 2 fatal shootings

Abdulkadir Bihi, 29, and Zakariye Ali, 16, were both killed in two separate shootings in the Dixon Road and Islington Avenue area the week of Oct. 2. The Somali- Canadian community is now calling on police to put a stop to the violence.

Football coach who used to be homeless says game saved his life

A coach and program co-ordinator of the Mississauga Indoor Football Association says he's thankful to be able to be able to help youth, men and women discover their passion for football.

City council votes not to rename Centennial Park stadium after Rob Ford

City council has voted 11-24 not to rename a stadium at Centennial Park to Rob Ford Memorial Stadium.

'Livid' residents call for new Woodbine bike lanes to be removed

Construction of new bike lanes along Woodbine Avenue in the east end hasn’t even finished yet, but already some residents are calling for them to be removed in a petition posted on

Mayor 'knew 100 per cent' that Crisanti supported Ford family, ousted deputy says

John Tory “knew 100 per cent” that he supported the Ford family politically when the mayor asked him to be his deputy mayor for Etobicoke, Coun. Vince Crisanti said Wednesday, a day after he was ousted from the job.

John Tory ousts Vince Crisanti as deputy mayor after comments supporting mayoral rival Ford

John Tory has ousted his Etobicoke deputy mayor, Vince Crisanti, after he publicly backed the Toronto mayor's rival Doug Ford at his annual Ford Fest.

Doug Ford launches bid for Toronto's 2018 mayoral race

Doug Ford will run for mayor in next year's municipal election.

Mayor or MPP?: Doug Ford to announce next political move at Ford Fest

"I haven't decided if I'm going to run under the provincial banner, The PC's and Patrick Brown, or run for mayor as yet, but we'll make that decision on September 8," Ford told CBC Toronto.

Distancing himself from The Rebel might be a defining moment for Scheer and his party

Andrew Scheer might be asked what took him so long. But putting some distance between himself and The Rebel might be a defining moment for Scheer and the party he leads.

Queen Street without streetcars? The city might give it a look

A city hall committee voted Thursday to ask staff to explore whether Queen Street would be better off if streetcars were permanently banished in favour of buses.

Conservatives return to the scene of Stephen Harper's last stand to pick a new leader

The year-long campaign to replace Stephen Harper has not quite amounted to a repudiation of his time in office. And the return of Conservatives to Etobicoke in suburban Toronto this weekend, this time to crown Harper's successor, offers an opportunity to measure what has changed, and what hasn't.​

Listen to patients, says retiring Toronto surgeon who helped treat Rob Ford

A Toronto surgeon who was part of a medical team that treated the late Rob Ford is retiring from surgery after a career that has spanned 40 years.

CBC Windsor wins award for tornado coverage

CBC Windsor took home an award Saturday for its coverage of the summer tornadoes that touched down in LaSalle and Windsor.

CBC Toronto takes top awards at Canadian RTDNA's

The CBC Toronto team is pleased to announce it has won three Canadian Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) awards.

For some, Kathleen Wynne's sexuality is an issue. For most, it's her government's record: Robyn Urback

Steve Paikin, host of The Agenda on TVO, posited in a blog post this week that part of the reason why Wynne's approval is so low is because Ontarians aren't as open and progressive as they like to think.

Rob Ford to be celebrated on the one-year anniversary of his death

In true Ford family style, everyone is invited to celebrate Rob Ford’s memory, one year after the anniversary of the former Toronto mayor's death.

Canadian Screen Awards 2017: Baroness von Sketch Show, Orphan Black big winners

In a fitting nod to International Women's Day, CBC's all-female comedy Baroness von Sketch Show was one of the knockout winners Wednesday night at the Canadian Screen Awards (CSAs).
CBC Investigates

Mohamed Salim, charged in string of N.L. home invasions, linked to Dixon City Bloods

One of the men charged with a Paradise home invasion and three others in the St. John's area has links to a notorious Toronto gang.

Lunenburg council kicks councillor off all committees after policy dispute

Lunenburg Town Council has removed a councillor from all committees just four months after he was elected because he “lost the confidence” of other councillors.

Do Canada's Conservatives want to join the populism parade?

Former Reform party leader Preston Manning says the public is alienated and disenchanted. Do Conservatives want to address those feelings or merely encourage disenchantment?

'So much distrust in Washington': How a leaky White House might actually make the media's job harder

U.S. President Donald Trump has been unflinchingly clear on one point this week: he views leaks from his White House as illegal, even treasonous, and means to hunt down those behind them. So how then will reporters handle leaks when they get them?

John Tory blasts Nick Kouvalis's conduct, but won't rule out hiring strategist in the future

Mayor John Tory condemned Nick Kouvalis's offensive online remarks, but didn't rule out hiring the controversial political strategist to work on his next mayoral campaign.

Should city fund the Harriet Tubman Games? One councillor says 'yes'

City council will be asked this week to consider funding one of the city's longest-running track meets: the annual Harriet Tubman Games, which focus on the city's young African-Canadian athletes.

'Heartbreaking' goodbye at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School

In the next step toward closing at the end of this school year, Grade 11 students at Don Bosco Catholic high school have their final day of class at that school Friday.

From Fort Mac to Rob Ford, here are CBC's biggest news days of 2016

Here are CBC's 10 biggest news days of 2016, when millions of Canadians turned to our website for the latest.

CBC's 10 biggest news days of 2016

Here are CBC's 10 biggest news days of 2016, when millions of Canadians turned to our website for the latest.

Renata Ford, widow of ex-mayor Rob Ford, arrested for suspected impaired driving

Toronto police arrested Renata Ford, the widow of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, on suspicions of impaired driving Wednesday night.

Canada in 2016: The year in pictures

A look back at powerful Canadian news images from the past year.

Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads: The Nutcracker's lasting holiday appeal

A fairy-tale transformation, sumptuous costumes, a major earworm of a score, dancing kids and famous faces in silly cameos — it's easy to see why holiday classic The Nutcracker is an audience favourite.

Canadians couldn't stop Googling Drake, Trump in 2016

The Canadian rapper's name was a top trending search term across multiple categories, but U.S. president-elect Donald Trump was the top trending search term overall, while Canadian newsmakers Gord Downie, Leonard Cohen and Rob Ford ranked highly, too.

Watchdog rules Doug Ford broke city council's code of conduct

The city of Toronto's integrity commissioner has ruled that former city councillor Doug Ford broke council's code of conduct by lobbying inside city hall on behalf of two companies that have ties to the Fords' family business.

What we're talking about, and not talking about, when we talk about 'elites'

Pity the poor elite, so dismissed and scorned these days by the righteous politician. In 2016, they're an easy target for blame and a handy tool of distraction.

How 'common sense' came to mean its opposite under Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s victory was the most dramatic demonstration yet that liars can win elections. All he had to do was demonize reason and fact.

Doug Ford touts 'the true story' about Rob Ford's tumultuous career in new book

The late Rob Ford may have had his public struggles with crack cocaine and alcohol, but his brother Doug Ford remembers the former Toronto Mayor as the best politician in the country, in part, because he was beyond influence.