Top-earning city workers on Ontario sunshine list

A list of the top-earning City of Toronto employees included on the province's sunshine list, which was released Friday.

On Friday the Ontario government released its Sunshine List, which includes the names and salaries of everyone who collects at least a six-figure salary from any organization that receives money from the province.

The list includes everyone from teachers to top bureaucrats of large organizations such as Ontario Power Generation and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

The list, which you can search using the links below, also includes workers at municipalities from across the province.

Here's a list of the top earners who collect a paycheque from the city of Toronto.

  1. Joe Pennachetti, city manager: $363,234.
  2. Bill Blair, chief of police: $334,291.
  3. Andy Byford, TTC CEO $323,638.
  4. David McKeown, medical officer of health $298,488.
  5. Barbara Yafee, associate medical officer of health, communicable disease control $288,488.
  6. Elzbieta Rozak, registered nurse long term care & hostels $285,922.
  7. Michael Finklestein, associate medical officer of health, $275,750.
  8. John Livey, deputy city manager $272,824.
  9. Gene Jones, CEO Toronto Community Housing Corp. $270,581.
  10. Sameh Ghaly, TTC chief capital officer, $257,600.

Other noteable city workers on the sunshine list include:

  • Ombudsman Fiona Crean: $232,322.
  • Solicitor Anna Kinastowski: $232,739.
  • City librarian Jane Pyper: $228,618 (note Pyper has recently announced she's stepping down).
  • Chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat: $216,867

You can use the links below to search the sunshine list by name, salary and organization.