Time to end tax breaks for tickets, premier says

Two senior members of the Ontario government say it's time to stop giving businesses tax breaks for buying sporting tickets.

Ticket taxes

10 years ago
Dwight Duncan thinks Ottawa should end tax breaks for sporting tickets. 2:03

Two senior members of the Ontario government say it’s time to end corporate tax breaks for businesses buying sporting tickets.

Both Premier Dalton McGuinty and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan think businesses shouldn’t be allowed to write off a portion of the cost of sporting tickets that are used to entertain clients.

"In another age and time, we could have afforded that as a luxury. But now we can’t," McGuinty said Wednesday.

Duncan says he wants his federal counterpart to work with him to end the practice.

A spokesperson for Jim Flaherty told CBC News that the federal finance minister is open to discussion on the issue.

Watch a full report on the issue from CBC’s Mike Crawley to learn more.