Regulate Uber province-wide: Tim Hudak

Former Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak will table a private member's bill to regulate services like Uber across the province, and encourage new businesses in the sharing economy.

Former Ontario PC leader says one million Uber riders a month 'can't be wrong.'

Tim Hudak, former Ontario PC leader, says Ontario should support ride-share company, Uber, and not stand against it and its riders. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he'll table a private member's bill later this month that would regulate ride-hailing services like Uber across the province, and help promote the sharing economy.

Hudak says clear and consistent province-wide rules would encourage more new businesses in the sharing economy to set up in Ontario, and would put an end to what he calls the guerilla warfare in some cities over the ride-hailing company.

"Provincially, if we want to send a signal that we're open to innovation and that we want to foster our own entrepreneurs, we need to take a leadership role to say we're open to these ideas not shutting the door," he said. 

The MPP for Niagara West - Glanbrook says his bill would also give a green light to new companies with apps that allow people to offer the use of their homes and parking spots. 
Tim Hudak at one of his campaign stops as leader of the Progressive Conservatives during the 2014 provincial election. (Chris Young/CP)

Hudak says Ontario should embrace new technologies that are embraced by consumers, not stand against them, adding one million Uber riders a month "can't be wrong."

He says the sharing economy gives people a chance to make some extra money, and he believes the parking spot app Rover, which has started in Toronto, could help ease congestion in the city.

Private member's bills rarely become law in Ontario, but Hudak says he's working with municipalities and the Liberal government to help get his legislation passed.

In a written statement given to CBC News Thursday, the Ontario Ministry of Finance reacted to Hudak's proposal.

"Our government is committed to fostering innovations as part of the growing shift towards the sharing economy. We look forward to reviewing MPP Hudak's private member's bill and debating it in the house."

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