3 carjackings reported in Toronto in less than 2 hours, no arrests, no injuries, police say

Toronto police are searching for suspects after three carjackings were reported in less than two hours on Wednesday evening.

1 was in North York while the other 2 were in Scarborough

The first carjacking on Wednesday evening took place in this North York neighbourhood. Toronto police say it was the first of three. No one was injured in any of the robberies. (CBC)

Toronto police are searching for suspects after three carjackings were reported in less than two hours on Wednesday evening.

Police say at least two of the vehicle thefts are related.

The carjackings took place in North York and Scarborough. Police were called at 4:27 p.m., 5:26 p.m. and 6:19 p.m. Officers are searching all three areas near the crime scenes. 

No one has been arrested yet and no one was injured, according to Const. David Hopkinson, spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service. Police say carjacking numbers are up in the city this year. The issue drew national attention after Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner was carjacked outside a movie theatre on Monday.

In the first incident Wednesday, at Alfred Avenue and Longmore Street, police said the carjackers pulled up in two vehicles, one pulled a handgun, and they took a white Lexus IS 250 AMDT 138. The thieves fled in all three cars.

In the second, at Sheppard Avenue East and Ecopark Gate, police said two carjackers approached in a white car and robbed a man of his car at gunpoint. They took a black Toyota Rav 4 and fled in both cars.

"This appears to be the same suspects as earlier robbery," police said in a tweet.

In the third incident, at Sheppard Avenue East and Massie Street, two carjackers drove up to a man and one produced a gun. The pair stole the victim's car and fled in both cars. 

Hopkinson said the third one has "elements" that make it appear related to the first two, but he could not confirm they are connected.

A Neighbourhood Watch sign is visible near the scene of one of the carjackings on Wednesday night. (CBC)