Thousands of Toronto drivers charged in safety blitz

Toronto police laid 15,500 charges during a seven-day safety blitz during Canada road safety week.

Toronto police caught more than 700 drivers holding a cellular phone, using a portable entertainment device or eyeing a digital screen during a road safety blitz last week.

The distracted driving offences are among about 15,500 charges laid against motorists in the city during Canada road safety week, an annual traffic-law enforcement campaign which ended Sunday.

Police in the city say the top offence was speeding, with 5,700 charges, followed by failing to stop and unsafe driving manoeuvres.

Seventy-four drivers were charged with alcohol-related offences, such as driving over the legal alcohol limit, during the seven-day initiative.

Police say they paid extra attention to impaired, aggressive and distracted driving, some of the leading causes of accidents, during the campaign.