This Barrie man has sent a love letter every day to his wife in nursing home since pandemic hit

Brian Barnes had never written a love note to his wife of 43 years. But since the COVID-19 lockdown began, he’s delivered one every day to her nursing home.

'She goes to bed knowing that I love her,’ says Brian Barnes

Man delivers daily love letter to wife in nursing home during pandemic


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Brian Barnes has written a love letter to his wife and delivered it daily to her nursing home since the COVID-19 lockdown in March. He shared some of the 172 letters he’s written so far. 5:01

Ever since his wife's nursing home went into lockdown on March 16 due to COVID-19, Brian Barnes has written and delivered her a love letter every day. 

Prior to the pandemic, Barnes would visit Joanne, his wife of 43 years, twice a day at the IOOF Seniors Home in Barrie, Ont., where she moved last year after being diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's.

Barnes went through several difficult months without seeing her. He's now been able to see her in person a few times since restrictions were loosened, although he's forced to talk to her through a Plexiglas barrier to protect her from the novel coronavirus.

Yet, he continues to write and deliver his notes daily.

"I've heard from the morning PSW that she's clinging onto the letter at 6:30 in the morning. It makes me feel good. She goes to bed knowing that I love her," Barnes said. 

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