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Doug Ford calls lawsuit filed by Rob Ford's widow 'heartbreaking'

All three candidates have a full schedule of campaign events with time running out to sway voters ahead of Thursday's vote. Here's Tuesday's edition of The Campaigner.

'We've always stood behind Renata,' says Ford, who questions timing of lawsuit days before election

Doug Ford's election win in Ontario presents major challenge to Prime Minister Trudeau's progressive agenda (Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press)

We're just two days away from finding out who the next leader of this province will be, and the race is getting personal. 

PC Leader Doug Ford is facing a lawsuit from his late brother Rob Ford's wife, Renata, who is alleging millions of dollars have been withheld from her and her two children. 

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is covering a lot of ground today, with eight campaign stops in total.

Kathleen Wynne has stops in Toronto, Kitchener and London.

Here's where we are on Day 28.

Latest from the campaign

  • Could the Liberals be swept out of London? 
    • ​​CBC London's Colin Butler reports the NDP have a chance to win all three of London's urban ridings, including Deb Matthews's one-time stronghold of London North Centre. Meanwhile, the PCs appear strong in the rural ridings that ring the Forest City.

The moment

Doug Ford fired back at allegations contained in a civil lawsuit filed against him this week by Renata Ford, widow of Doug's brother Rob Ford. 'These claims are false and it will be proven in court,' he said. (CBC)

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford faced reporters for the first time this morning since news broke on Monday evening that he's facing a lawsuit from the widow of his brother, Rob Ford. 

With two days or three days before an election, I'll let you decide the motive. But we're shocked.- Doug Ford, PC Leader

​Renata Ford has launched a multimillion-dollar suit against brothers-in-law Doug and Randy Ford, as well as their family businesses, claiming she and her children were bilked out of millions of dollars.

On Tuesday morning, the PC leader called the situation "tragic" for Rob's children, Stephanie and Douglas.

"Our family has always stood behind the kids, always stood behind Renata, we never wavered," Ford told reporters. 

"We're shocked. That's what it comes down to. We're floored. And with two days or three days before an election, I'll let you decide the motive. But we're shocked."

Asked about accusations in the lawsuit — which have not been proven in court — that the family business, Deco, isn't doing well financially, Ford responded: "Those claims are false and without merit, and I can tell you this is going to be proven in court."

Ford did not directly respond when asked twice how much money he receives from the company.

Riding to watch

Chatham-Kent-Leamington - Population 109,620

Chatham-Kent-Leamington is clearly one of a handful of southwestern Ontario seats the NDP is hoping to pick up from the Conservatives.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath visited the riding for the first time nine days before the election, but returned Monday, just days before voters go to the polls.

Pollsters think it could be a tight race, in part because the PCs only beat the NDP won by a slim margin in the last election.

PC candidate Rick Nicholls has been the Queen's Park representative since 2011, but the seat — which has been through boundary changes — has been held over the years by Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats.

The NDP's hopes ride on political newcomer Jordan McGrail, a robotics technologist with St. Clair College.

Liberal Margaret Schleier Stahl is also new to provincial politics. She describes herself as an experienced social worker.

The main issues here include the controversy over whether wind farms affect well water and the call for concrete barriers in the median along a deadly stretch of Highway 401.

Poll tracker

Doug Ford's PCs have inched ahead of Andrea Horwath's New Democrats in the polls, according to CBC's poll tracker. But despite the close race in the popular vote the PCs continue to enjoy a better regional distribution of that vote and are favoured to win more seats.

Get the full breakdown here

Environmental Panel

You said it was important to you, and now we're talking about it.

Tonight CBC's Ontario election social team is popping up in Guelph to discuss environmental issues. 

You can watch the panel on CBC Toronto's Facebook page. 

Where the leaders are

  • Ford: Announcement in Toronto (9:30 a.m.), Visit to campaign office in North York (10:30 a.m.), Visit to campaign office in East York (11:30 a.m.), Visit to campaign office in North York (1 p.m.), Visit to Promenade Mall (5 p.m.)
  • Horwath: Campaign event at Brampton Civic Hospital (8:45 a.m.), Campaign event in Guelph (11:45 a.m.), Campaign event in Kitchener (1:10 p.m.), Campaign event in Cambridge (2:30 p.m.), Campaign event in Brantford (3:30 p.m.)
  • Schreiner: Campaigning in Guelph (12-4 p.m.)
  • Wynne: Announcement in Toronto (11:15 a.m.), meet with local supporters in London (2:45 p.m.), meet supporters at barbecue in Kitchener (6 p.m.)
Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne has a series of media interviews today, before heading down Highway 401 to London. (Cole Burston/Canadian Press)

We're tracking the Ontario leaders on the campaign trail. See where they have stopped.

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