TDSB names 10 more schools for possible closure

The Toronto District School Board is putting 10 more schools under review for possible closure.

48 schools will be reviewed for closure in next 3 years

TDSB expands school closures list

8 years ago
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The Toronto District School Board is putting 10 more schools under review for possible closure - a move revealed after a tense meeting of the board Tuesday night to finalize a plan ordered by the province.

The Toronto District School Board is putting 10 more schools under review for possible closure.

The schools are Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, East York Alternative School, East York CI, Eastdale CI, Eastern Commerce CI, Greenwood Secondary School, Monarch Park CI, Riverdale CI, School of Life Experience and Subway Academy 1.

They join a list of 60 schools that were previously announced as being put under review, as part of a plan to close and sell off under-utilized schools.

Forty-eight of the schools will be reviewed over the next three years, a process that will include community consultation. The remainder of the schools will be considered after that period.

‎The first reviews will begin over the coming months and each one is expected to take as long as two years to complete. Most of the schools on the list are expected to stay open but some are certain to close.

News of an expanded list came as the board held a special meeting to discuss possible school closures as part of 13 directives handed down by the province.

TDSB finalized its reform plan Tuesday night, just three days before a deadline imposed by Education Minister Liz Sandals.

Earlier this month, the board released its list of 48 elementary schools and 12 high schools that are being reviewed for closure due to enrolment of less than 65 per cent. The list was assembled after the province demanded the board cut costs and deal with internal turmoil.

Most schools on the list are expected to survive the process, but some are guaranteed to close.

"The baby boom has finished and we are now in a period of decline," said Ward 13 trustee Gerri Gershon.

Many board trustees had spoken out against the tight deadline, saying more time is needed to discuss a long-term plan already in place.

Dozens protest outside TDSB meeting

Trustees were greeted by an angry crowd of dozens of protesters before their meeting at the TDSB offices on Yonge Street near Sheppard Avenue. Those who rallied included both parents and teachers.

"I'm here to save our schools," said parent and teacher Yolanda B'Dacy. "Schools are community hubs. They're places where the fabric of our community is built. They are the centre of our neighbourhoods and to close schools with this formula being used is wrong."

Some of the east-end high schools under review for possible closure and sale are grossly overpopulated. (CBC)
On Monday, the Elementary Teachers of Toronto, a local of the Ontario elementary teachers’ union, released an analysis that found the majority of the schools on the list serve some of the city’s most vulnerable students in terms of socio-economic challenges.

The analysis also stressed that the schools provide a host of other social services, like daycares and adult education programs.

Mayor John Tory wrote a letter to Sandals and the chair of the TDSB in January asking that the city be “meaningfully consulted” during the process because schools are community hubs and are essential to healthy neighbourhoods.

On Tuesday, Coun. Mike Layton tabled a motion at a city council meeting asking the province to suspend the plan to close or sell schools until it amends the criteria for what are considered underutilized schools — though city council has no official say in the matter.

The motion was passed unanimously, and a directive was sent to the city manager to provide a list of alternative uses for the schools. 

Under-used, under review

The Toronto District School Board on Wednesday released a list of 60 schools which will be part of a review of its under-used spaces. As many as nine schools could eventually close. The schools are:

1. Nelson Boyen CI
2. Downsview SS
3. Weston CI

4. Sir Robert Borden BTI
5. West Hill CI
6. Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI

7. CH Best MS
8. Wilmington ES

9. Vaughan Road Academy
10. York Memorial CI
11. Oakwood CI
12. John Polanyi CI
13. Forest Hill CI
14. George Harvey CI

15. John Buchan Sr. PS
16. Highland Heighs Jr.  PS
17. Tam O'Shanter Jr. PS
18. Inglewood Heights Jr. PS
19. Lynngate Jr. PS
20. Pauline Johnson Jr. PS
21. Timberbank Jr. PS

22. Kensington Jr. PS
23. Ryerson CS
24. King Edward Jr. & Sr. PS
25. Lord Lansdowne Jr & Sr. PS

26. Gracefield PS
27. Amesbury MS

28. Galloway Road PS
29. St. Margaret's PS

30. Manhattan Park Jr. PS
31. Buchanan PS

32. Rockliffe MS
33. Cordella Jr. PS
34. Harwood PS
35. George Syme CS
36. Roselands Jr. PS
37. Lambton Park CS
38. Dennis Avenue CS

39. Braeburn Jr. PS
40. The Elms JMS
41. Boy's Leadership Academy

42. Keelesdale Jr. PS
43. Silverthorn PS

44. Fairbank Memorial Jr. PS
45. General Mercer Jr. PS
46. FH Miller Jr. PS
47. Fairbank PS

48. Montrose Jr. PS
49. Clinton Jr. PS
50. Dewson Jr. PS

51. Jack Miner Sr. PS
52. Poplar Road Jr. PS
53. Guildwood Jr. PS
54. Elizabeth Simcoe Jr. PS

55. Bendale Jr. PS
56. North Bendale Jr. PS

57. Henry Hudson Sr. PS
58. Heather Heights Jr. PS
59. Churchill Heights Jr. PS
60. Woburn Jr. PS

61. Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute
62. East York Alternative School
63. East York CI
64. Eastdale CI
65. Eastern Commerce CI
66. Greenwood Secondary School
67. Monarch Park CI
68. Riverdale CI
69. School of Life Experience
70. Subway Academy 1

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