TCHC approves housing sale

Toronto Community Housing Corp. has approved the sale of more than 700 homes across the city.
TCHC plans to sell more than 700 stand-alone houses. ((CBC) )

Toronto Community Housing Corp. says it will sell off more than 700 homes across the city.

The board of TCHC approved the sale on Friday as a means of raising the money needed to fund repairs of other city-owned housing.

City council — and in most cases the province — must still approve the decision before it is final.

But some of the 2,600 tenants that could be displaced say the board's decision is a hasty one and there needs to be more consultation.

Some came to Friday's meeting to ask the board not to rush into the sale.

"I  happened to read about it and went online and I found that my unit was one of many being sold," said Cassie Bond.

Bond told the board that as a single mother of three her Scarborough bungalow has been an oasis. She moved there with her family two years.

"That is my home," she said.  "I've recently started college.  This going to uproot my entire life, my children's stability, my children's chance for safely — for a normal upbringing."

Before anyone was able to speak, TCHC chair Norm Purves addressed the crowd and made it clear the board was in favour of selling the properties.

"We will treat tenants fairly and with respect." said Purves.  "We will take care of tenants living in the houses we plan to sell."

TCHC says that by selling the units - which are found in every neighbourhood in the city - hundreds of millions of dollars can be raised to help refurbish the agency's decaying apartment units. The repair backlog is estimated to be $650-million, while the sale of the sale of the 706 properties could raise an estimated $336-miilion. 

Board member Frances Nunziata says the money is desperately needed.

"Some of the conditions tenants are living in are totally disgusting," said Nunziata.

TCHC has promised that any tenant displaced by the sale of their home will be rehoused in another community housing unit.