Talia Ricci

Talia Ricci is a CBC reporter based in Toronto. She's from Guelph and has also reported in London and Winnipeg. From the Middle East to West Africa, Talia has travelled around the globe volunteering and photographing. She enjoys covering offbeat human interest stories and exposing social justice issues. When she's not reporting, you can find Talia creating recipes for her plant based food blog.

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GTA youth using art and performance to address toxic masculinity

A group of racialized men in the Toronto area, dubbed the Good Guise, are out to break down the barriers when it comes to talking about toxic masculinity.

Animals in the archives: Exhibit displays decades of documenting animals

Archival footage is typically used to learn about the history of humans — but for the first time at the Archives of Ontario — they're shining the spotlight on a different species.

New exhibit shares how the city's hip-hop scene evolved through the decades

Vinyl, cassette tapes and photographs taken decades ago line the walls of the TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library. The exhibit — For the Record — demonstrates how Toronto's hip hop scene brought local artists to a world stage.

New Yorkville pop-up serves up sandwiches, sides and second chances for ex-cons

The decor of this new sandwich shop in Yorkville isn't the only thing that's prison-themed. Club Fed is also giving opportunities to ex-convicts who need employment.

Beloved Beach crossing guard known for high-fives prepares for his last shift

Paul Belyea has been a staple in The Beach for the last four years. In that time, he's given out hundreds of hugs, high five's and left an everlasting impression at the corner of Queen and Elmer.

KonMari tidying trend 'sparking joy' for followers, thrift shops in Toronto

It's been one month since the Netflix series 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' made its debut and the Japanese organizational guru has inspired thousands around the globe. In Toronto, it's contributed to an increase in thrift store donations and in happiness for those who have followed the de-cluttering techniques.

Toronto couple sharing photography collection 40 years in the making

Howard and Carole Tanenbaum started collecting photographs in the 1970s. They've since amassed one of the largest collections in North America — and now part of that collection is on display in Toronto.

How one Toronto woman is turning unwanted toy debris into new learning experiences

From marker lids to lone lego pieces — Rebecca Saha has made it her mission to re-purpose old toys and give them a second life as learning tools.

Toronto restaurant teaches skills to those who face employment barriers

A downtown restaurant is doing much more than serving food — they're also providing opportunities for those who might have a tough time finding work.

Fermented food trend on the rise in restaurants and research

From restaurant menus to Korean supermarkets, fermented foods have been gaining interest in both the culinary and health communities.

Clothing store Dress for Success helps women going back to work gain confidence

A clothing store in North York is doing more than helping people look sharp. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit that helps women make the transition from unemployment to economic independence.

York Region non-profit receives new funding to help support homeless youth

A Richmond Hill-based not-for-profit that provides services for homeless youth in York Region recently got a funding boost. 360Kids has been around for decades, and serves 4,300 young people every year.

Project Comfort aims to ease concerns ahead of temporary shelter opening in Liberty Village

A Toronto based group of volunteers is working to be a liaison between concerned residents, the city and people experiencing homelessness ahead of temporary respite centres set to open in three locations over the next two months.

Halal, Indigenous and vegetarian food banks cater to Toronto's diverse needs

In a city as large and diverse as Toronto — three food banks that cater to different communities discuss what makes them unique and why they're needed.
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Ryerson University's first Indigenous designer in residence hopes to inspire fashion students

Angela DeMontigny's clothing has been on runways in places like South Africa and London. Now she's using her experience to inspire young designers and encourage them to incorporate their own heritage into the things they create.