Talia Ricci

Talia Ricci is a CBC reporter based in Toronto. She's from Guelph and has also reported in London and Winnipeg. From the Middle East to West Africa, Talia has travelled around the globe volunteering and photographing. She enjoys covering offbeat human interest stories and exposing social justice issues. When she's not reporting, you can find Talia creating recipes for her plant based food blog.

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'There's a long way to go': Women filmmakers weigh in on equality at TIFF

According to TIFF, opportunities for women are improving and 36 per cent of the festival's films this year are directed, co-directed or created by women. But women in the industry say they are still facing challenges.

Video of bike theft in downtown Toronto has police saying, 'Here we go again'

A video that shows a thief using a power tool in broad daylight to cut open a bike lock in Toronto's financial district last month has garnered thousands of views online, and police say it underscores a bike-theft problem that's plagued the city for years.
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How this group is helping more women and girls jump into skateboarding

Through lessons, contests and meetups, Babes Brigade aims to create a safe space for women to learn how to skateboard and become more visible in the industry.
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50 years later: how one of Canada's first environmental groups has changed and grown

Pollution Probe ⁠— one of Canada's first environmental groups ⁠— is celebrating a milestone. Five decades after it was formed, the current CEO and a former member reflect on how the movement has changed.

From dumpster to diesel: How a pilot project in Whitby is turning plastic waste into fuel

A pilot project in Whitby, Ont., is using technology to give plastic waste a second life by turning it into fuel.

Mindfulness on our minds: The business of relaxation is on the rise

From meditation apps to brain gyms, the business of relaxing and mindfulness is trending. One psychiatrist says the practice is also being incorporated into mental health treatments and facilities.

Raptor Serge Ibaka used to go hungry, now he's giving back in Regent Park

A special guest made an appearance at the weekly "Taste of Regent Park" event Wednesday. The Serge Ibaka Foundation partnered with the Regent Park Community Food Centre to provide thousands of free meals to the community.

St. Lawrence Market tenants wonder what their future holds with planned renovation

Excavators broke ground this week to start construction on the new St. Lawrence Market North building, but tenants on the south side of the market are wondering what the next step is for their businesses as the city finishes up design plans for the lower level.

How the city is trying to stop the theft of 348 Olympic pools worth of water each year

Water thieves cost the city around $3.4 million per year and also risk damaging fire hydrants, the city says. It’s estimated the loss is around 870,000 cubic metres of water — enough to fill around 348 Olympic-sized pools. 

Delays at Landlord and Tenant Board cost couple thousands to evict 'nightmare' tenant

A Toronto couple says delays at the Landlord and Tenant Board have cost them thousands of dollars in their effort to evict a "nightmare" tenant from a property they own in Oshawa. And their lawyer says many other landlords in the GTA face the same problem.

Foreign students say they 'have no choice' but to work more than their permits allow

After thousands joined the effort to stop an international student from being deported, others are speaking out about why they have to work more than the maximum 20 hours a week to support themselves.

How restoring a truck is helping a teen through his illness and bringing a community together

In a small town outside of Campbellville, Ont., some hot rodders sand down a tired old truck. It doesn’t look like much yet, but there’s a special story behind this 1954 Chev stepside, five-window pickup, and it all starts with a young man named Jeremy Cassidy.

Recently released Marvin Gaye album features guitarist who's been playing for decades in Toronto

Last month, a 1972 Marvin Gaye Album was finally released, and Leroy Emmanuel has guitar credits on the title track. Emmanuel's band, LMT Connection, has been performing almost every Wednesday for the last two decades at a small bar in Toronto's Little Italy.

Luring of girls into sex trade reaching 'epidemic' level, police say

Ronelle Bruder fled the sex trade at age 17. But for police and activists at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking, it's a problem that continues to grow.

Farmers, grocers fear the worst as province launches review of Ontario Food Terminal

These days, the normally cheerful community within the Ontario Food Terminal is clouded by an air of uncertainty, because the facility is currently under review by the Ford government.