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Syrians arrive in Toronto with stories of heartbreak, resilience

Toronto prepares to welcome its share of the 25,000 refugees the Canadian government has committed to accepting.

CBC Toronto tells the stories of incoming Syrians to the city

Syrian refugees arrive in Greece. (CBC)

Syrians have already started arriving in Toronto, and thousands more are expected in this city before the end of the year.

Here, CBC Toronto compiles the stories of heartbreak, resilience and migration that will change the city forever.

Transgender woman survives rape, assault while fleeing Syria

"All my life, I feel like I am a refugee," newcomer to Toronto says of growing up transgender.

Toronto nowhere near ready for refugees

A judge and former refugee doesn't see how Toronto will be ready in time for accept thousands of Syrians.

Toronto expecting 2,600 privately-sponsored Syrian refugees, government map shows

Around 2,600 privately-sponsored Syrian refugees will be settling in Toronto, according to a map released by the Government of Canada.

Canada should continue refugee resettlement despite Paris attacks

Ratna Omidvar of Lifeline Syria wants to continue with plan to resettle 25,000 Syrians, despite Paris attacks. She says, "fear can paralyze." 

Toronto university students act as translators, welcome committee for Syrian refugees

As many as 400 Arabic-speaking students have volunteered to meet Syrian families as they arrive at Pearson Airport and translate for them as they start their lives in Toronto.

Toronto's aid groups preparing homes, classes for Syrian refugees

Toronto's aid organizations are trying to prepare homes before the arrival of thousands of Syrian refugees.

After migration, many Syrians coming to Toronto face psychological challenges

Many of the refugees who arrive here will have seen or experienced disturbing events. And the most significant psychological challenges aren't based on what has happened, but what lies ahead. Find out how one clinic plans to help.

From Aleppo to Toronto, Syrian family arrives in Canada safe but penniless

Meet a Syrian family that left their city of Aleppo with few possessions but the resolve to start a new life in Canada, even if it means struggling financially.

UNICEF uses virtual reality to bring donors into Syrian refugee camp

One of the world's biggest humanitarian organizations is hoping virtual reality will help people grasp the challenges faced by thousands of Syrians still living in refugee camps.

Syrian chefs collaborate on traditional dishes, burgers for refugees

Two chefs, one from Syria and one from Toronto, collaborate on both traditional and new dishes to raise money to bring two refugee families to Toronto at an event called Supper for Syria. The sold-out event was so successful, more have been planned.

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he expects Ottawa to 'deploy resources' to help refugees

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he supports the federal Liberal government's timeline on resettling refugees in Canada, but says he expects Ottawa and the province to offer the city more resources to help with the effort.

Justin Trudeau justifies refugee delay, says Liberals want it 'done right'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government won't fulfil its campaign pledge to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by the end of the year, but justified the delay by saying it is more important to "make sure it's done right."

Visually impaired Syrian refugee captures photos 'loaded with meaning'

Hany al Moulia is an unlikely photographer, legally blind and a Syrian refugee. Yet his photos are on display at a show in downtown Toronto.

Wind Mobile offering free phones, service to Syrian refugees

Wind Mobile says they are teaming up with a local group to assist Syrian refugee families in their transition to life in Canada with free cell phones and service. 

What you need to know to help Syrian refugees settle in Toronto

A how-to guide for those who want to get involved in the effort to help Syrian refugees