Sunshine List: Toronto university presidents, professors well represented on Sunshine List

Nearly 10,000 professors and associate professors in Ontario made more than $100,000 last year, the 2016 Sunshine List reveals.

9,515 professors, associate professors appear on the annual list

Eight per cent of names on this year's Sunshine List have the titles of professor or associate professor. (The Canadian Press)

Nearly 10-thousand professors and associate professors in Ontario made more than $100,000 last year, the Sunshine List reveals.

There are 123,572 names on this years list and 9,515 of those names — or eight per cent — have the titles of professor or associate professor.

University of Toronto

After taking second spot on last year's Sunshine List, the salary for William Moriarty, the president and CEO of the University of Toronto's Asset Management corporation (UTAM), dropped by more than $400,000 — but still crossed the million-dollar mark, coming in at $1,045,582.62. Moriarty retired from UTAM in April of 2016.

U of T's top earning professor, Glen Whyte, had a salary of $504,907 last year. He's listed as a professor of organizational behaviour and human resource management.

Out of the top 20 earners at the University of Toronto, only one woman is in the mix. Wendy Rotenberg, a professor of accounting and finance is the 19th highest earner at the university and made $403,076 last year.

(Government of Ontario)

Ryerson University

Mohamed Lachemi, who became Ryerson University's ninth president in the fall of 2016, earned $410,475 last year. He's been with the school for 18 years.

According to the Sunshine List, Ryerson's second-highest earner is a woman: Janice Winton, the vice president of Administration and Finance. Winton earned $300,00.04 in 2016.

(Government of Ontario)

York University

York University's president earned $463,105 last year. Mamdouh Shoukri will step down as this July and his post will be taken over by Rhonda Lenton,  York's current vice president. She earned $339,999 in 2016.

The university's top earning professor, Lilian Ng, received $367,926 last year.

(Government of Ontario)

OCAD University

The president of OCAD, Sara Diamond, was paid $278,958 in 2016. The Sunshine List says Gayle Nicoll was the top-paid professor, earning just under $200,000.

(Government of Ontario)

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  • An earlier version of this story reported Wendy Cukier was Ryerson University's highest earning professor in 2016 at $283,900. In fact, she earned that salary as Ryerson's Vice President of Research and Innovation.
    Mar 31, 2017 7:47 PM ET