Stolen Sick Kids art recovered

Toronto police have recovered nine pieces of art stolen from Sick Children's Hospital a week ago.

Police still looking for thief

Toronto police say they have recovered nine works of art stolen from Sick Children's Hospital last week.

The nine prints were taken off the wall of the Burton Wing of the hospital on April 19.

The 18-by-18 framed prints were carted off on a trolley by a man whose image was captured by hospital security cameras.

Police did not give any information on how the art was recovered.  They say they are still looking for the suspect.

The prints are valued at between $800 and $1,000 each.

The hospital commissioned the art from local Ontario College of Art and Design graduate Darren Rigo.

Each piece is a collage of items found in a hospital, then shaped into the letters of the alphabet.

Hospital spokesperson Suzanne Gold would not comment on the investigation, but said the hospital was glad to learn the art has been recovered.

"We were pleased to hear the news of the recovery and are happy that the investigation is getting one step closer to a resolution," Gold told CBC News in an email.