Trailer containing 'extremely large quantity of veal' stolen from North York parking lot

Someone helped themselves to a 16-metre trailer stuffed with meat on Monday. Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for suspiciously good Boxing Day sales on veal.

Toronto police asking for help in locating abundance of beef taken on Monday or early Tuesday

Slabs of veal were left overnight in a refrigerated truck in a commercial parking lot near Signet Drive and Fenmar Drive. Police are on the lookout for the trailer and its contents. (Yves Herman/Reuters)

Toronto police are on the alert for a 16-metre trailer carrying "an extremely large quantity of veal" that was apparently stolen from a North York parking lot some time on Christmas Day.

The refrigerated trailer wasn't attached to a cab, so Toronto Police Service spokesperson Allyson Douglas-Cook said they're "not exactly sure" how the meat thief transported the spoils, valued at about $30,000.

The stolen meat comes encased in packaging from veal wholesaler White Veal Meat Packaging Ltd. The trailer itself is white with the company logo on the side — a blue "W" and the name "White Valley."

Toronto police don't often investigate cases of veal theft, Douglas-Cook said.

Police are asking the public for help in locating the trailer and its contents. "We're hoping someone will recognize the trailer," Douglas-Cook said, and suggested the meat might be sold on the sly.

She asked that shoppers keep an eye out for suspiciously good deals on veal. "You know — just in case someone's having a Boxing Day special in a parking lot somewhere," she said.

The veal would have been packaged like this, Toronto police said in a news release Tuesday. (TPS)