Stolen dog back home

A Toronto woman whose dog was stolen from in front of a local supermarket, has been reunited with her pet.

A happy ending to a lost dog story that captured the city's attention.

On Monday night Amber McMain went shopping at a local supermarket and left her four-year-old Shih Tzu Maltese, Oban, tied up outside the store.

When she returned, Oban was gone.

Police say that while she was inside a man stopped to pet the dog, then picked it up and walked away.

McMain was heartbroken over the loss — and put up hundreds of posters with the dog's picture on it.

"I don't know why anyone would take someone else's dog," she told CBC News. "I was only in the store for like five minutes."

On Tuesday night McMain texted CBC News to say she had been reunited with Oban.

The police told her the dog had been taken by a man who may have mental problems.

The dog was in the man's apartment and wouldn't stop barking.  Finally a neighbour called police who came and retrieved the dog.

Late Tuesday night police issued a statement saying the "suspect has been identified. No charges are being laid at this time as there are no grounds to prove any intent to commit a criminal offence"

McMain and Oban celebrated their reunion on Tuesday night by going for a walk through their Forest Hill neighbourhood.