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Stephanie Matteis is a senior reporter with CBC News, filing stories for television, radio & online. She's a pathological truthteller and storytelling junkie whose work appears on CBC Toronto, The National and Marketplace. Contact Stephanie: and @CBCsteph on Twitter.

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New Heritage Minute tells story of LGBT couple's fight for legal recognition

Historica Canada and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity will unveil the first Heritage Minute about the struggle for LGBT rights, at the Glad Day bookstore this evening.

Closure of Buttonville Airport tower could impact safety, pilots say

The decision to close the control tower at Markham's Buttonville Airport this summer has some pilots worried about safety.

Can new vehicle technology prevent attacks like the one in Toronto? The experts aren't so sure

The van attack that killed 10 people in north Toronto has some observers asking if there's a high-tech way to prevent similar assaults. But experts say it won't be enough to stop anyone from using vehicles as weapons.

Canada 'failed' latest victim of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur, migrant workers groups say

The alleged murder of a Sri Lankan refugee claimant has several migrant worker groups calling on the federal government to make what they say are long overdue changes to Canada's immigration laws.

Ontario safety authority only started tracking residential inspections in January

A man who lives close to the site of the Sunrise propane explosions in 2008 is concerned the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is not keeping proper records of safety inspections.

'This is ridiculous': Homeowners wonder how 'silent leak' cost them $4K on their water bill

An exorbitant water bill and a 'silent leak' leave a Toronto family stuck without options after the city says they don't qualify for relief programs. And there are thousands of people like them every year, the city said.

Canadians continue to be fooled by website that mimics government agency

A former employee of Passport Online and Pardons and Waivers of Canada tells CBC News the companies train workers to get as much money as possible from Canadians who could get the same services from the government for free.

Meals on Wheels facing 'a critical shortage' of volunteers with need poised to increase

Volunteer Toronto, which links non-profit groups and volunteers, says Meals on Wheels in Toronto is facing a "critical shortage" of volunteers for the food service program.

Tighten gun laws to get firearms off the streets, Mayor John Tory tells Ottawa summit

Mayor John Tory was in Ottawa Wednesday to discuss guns and gangs at a national summit as concerns grow over gun-related incidents and gang involvement in Canada.

East York's Crescent Town club pool to reopen after being closed 1 year for repairs

An indoor pool that has been closed for a year in the heart of Crescent Town is set to reopen by March 10 pending Toronto Public Health approval. The pool serves more than 10,000 residents of the buildings and thousands of others in the neighbourhood.

What really happens to old clothes dropped in those in-store recycling bins

There’s a new clothing donation bin in town, competing with charities for your unwanted clothes. Some of the biggest brands in fashion have launched take-back programs with messages about reusing and recycling your unwanted textiles. But what are the odds your old clothes will actually be transformed into new threads?

Nature's Mix removes cancer claim from granola label after Marketplace investigation into 'superfoods'

Nature's Mix, a company that makes granola with quinoa that it markets as a "superfood" and that included a nutrition label that claimed quinoa "prevents cancer" has removed the claim after a Marketplace investigation.

How super are those pricey 'superfoods'? Marketplace puts 3 of them to the test

Coconut water, quinoa and chia seeds are often marketed as "superfoods," and looking at recent sales, it seems the public is buying in. Marketplace pits them against alternatives that don’t come with super prices to see which foods pack the best nutritional punch.

Indigenous health-care providers say cultural safety training would help First Nations patients

Indigenous health-care providers want all of Ontario's health-care workers to take cultural safety training to change biases toward First Nations patients.

Increase in teen suicidal behaviour linked to 13 Reasons Why, Toronto counsellors say

The director of a children's mental health clinic says counsellors are seeing more children expressing suicidal thoughts and tendencies after watching a Netflix series about suicide.