Events at St. Michael's College School

Toronto police have charged six students in an alleged gang sexual assault at St. Michael's College School that was captured on camera and shared on social media. Here's a timeline of events so far.

6 boys arrested and charged in connection with alleged sexual assault

St. Michael's College School in Toronto is at the centre of an unfolding scandal after a series of alleged assaults and sexual assaults involving students came to light last week. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

Here's a timeline of events at St. Michael's College School based on information provided by the school and Toronto police:

Monday, Nov. 12: Videos surface

In the morning, school administrators receive a video of a hazing incident, which police sources say involved members of the basketball team bullying a student in the washroom and soaking him with water.

The school launches an internal investigation and interviews the students involved and their parents.

The school contacts police to seek advice on how to handle the incident. Police advise that if the alleged victim thinks it was an assault, he should report it to police.

In the evening, the administration receives a video of a second incident, which police sources say involved a group of students on the football team pinning down another student in a locker room and allegedly sexually assaulting him with a broom handle.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: 4 students expelled

The school investigates both incidents, identifies and interviews all students involved and their parents.

Four students allegedly involved in the hazing incident are expelled.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: Police investigation begins

The school continues its internal investigation and expels four students and suspends another one in connection with the locker room incident.

Toronto police receive media inquiries about a video of an alleged sexual assault at St. Michael's circulating on social media.

Police send an officer to the school. Prior to the officer's arrival, police receive word from the media regarding the expulsions of students related to an alleged "sexual assault involving an object."

The officer meets with the principal, who hands over the video of the alleged sexual assault.

Police announce they have launched an investigation into an alleged sexual assault.

Police announce the video meets the definition of child pornography and advise it should be deleted immediately.

The school emails parents and issues a statement saying it notified police about both incidents on Monday.

Thursday, Nov. 15: Video of 3rd incident surfaces

Police dispute the school's claim that the administration contacted police about the alleged sexual assault on Monday.

The school is made aware of a third incident captured on video and notifies police, which later said it also involved an alleged sexual assault.

The school sends another email to parents about the incidents and the expulsions.

Friday, Nov. 16: Info session held for parents

The school holds two information sessions for parents regarding the incidents.

Parents file into a meeting at St. Michael's College School on Friday. (Farrah Merali/CBC)

Sunday, Nov. 18: Video of 4th incident reported to police

Principal Greg Reeves says in a series of media interviews that the school has reported a fourth incident captured on video to police.

Reeves admits he didn't report the alleged sexual assault to police on Monday because the victim had not yet informed his parents about the incident.

Monday, Nov. 19: 6 boys arrested and charged

Police say six boys have been arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault at St. Michael's — five of them turned themselves in, a sixth one was arrested on the way to school.

Police say they're investigating three additional incidents, including one involving an alleged sexual assault. They warn the ongoing investigation could lead to more charges.

The accused — two aged 14 and four aged 15 — appear in a youth court and are granted bail. They will return to court on Dec. 19.

A sketch shows two of the students accused of sexual assault sitting in court on Monday. All six accused were granted bail and will return to court on Dec. 19. (Pam Davies/CBC)

Tuesday, Nov. 20: 2 additional incidents revealed

Toronto police say they are investigating after receiving two additional videos, one of which was purported to show a St. Michael's College School student being assaulted with a belt. 

The new submissions bring the total number of videos in police possession to four. 

Insp. Dominic Sinopoli, who heads the force's sex crimes unit, says the acts depicted in the videos involve all males, but it's unclear whether they are all students at the school and if the events occurred on school property or elsewhere. 

One depicts an assault with a belt, while the other shows a threat being made. 

Thursday, Nov. 22: Principal, president resign

The school's principal and president both resign their posts amid criticism of how they managed the burgeoning crisis. 

A statement issued in the late afternoon states Greg Reeves and Father Jefferson Thompson stepped down to allow the school to go "forward without distractions and allow it to focus on healing and change after the horrific events."

The board of directors, who earlier in the week endorsed the school's top leadership, praises both men in the statement. 

"Greg Reeves and Fr. Thompson have always put the welfare, education and formation of our students first — and they do so once again today," board chair Michael Forsayeth says. 

Principal Greg Reeves, left, and president Father Jefferson Thompson, right, stepped down from their posts amid calls for accountability at the school. (Christopher Katsarov/CP and Congregation of St. Basil)

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