These Song in the 6ix tracks exude Toronto pride — which 1 will win?

There were nearly 300 odes to Toronto submitted to CBC Toronto's Song in the 6ix. The winner will be revealed Tuesday.

Winner to be revealed Tuesday during CBC News Toronto at 6

CBC Toronto's Song in the 6ix judges Gill Deacon, Errol Nazareth, Sonia Arab, Tom Power and Shad will reveal their pick Tuesday. (CBC)

We asked you to pen an anthem that pays tribute to Toronto and boy, did you deliver.

There were nearly 300 odes to Toronto submitted to CBC Toronto's Song in the 6ix.

And then there were 12. A CBC jury will reveal the winner Tuesday during CBC News Toronto at 6.

Until then, these are the artists who made the cut.

Bios written by entrants have been edited for length and clarity. 

Casey Burns

Casey Burns is a 19-year-old musician from Toronto. He has released two projects: Five Degrees Filthy (2014) and Let It Linger (2015). He has an eclectic sound, combining elements of funk, R&B, and rock 'n' roll to create his own brand of hip hop music.

Yahchan Rajmohaz

M.D.M is a hip-hop producer out of Scarborough. He has a unique style of sampling and incorporating South Indian elements into his productions. He is currently working with up-and-coming singers and rappers across the Greater Toronto Area and abroad. He will be releasing his debut instrumental tape The Reservation next month.

Adam David Halsay ft. Nitasha Randhawa and Mic Boogie

Adam David Halsay

I've been beating on pots and pans since I was two and played in a rock band for most of my young adult life. For the past four years, I have moved away from live performance to become a songwriter and music/video producer during the evenings and weekends. My main focus is producing material for my YouTube channel, where my ultimate dream is to discover, produce and develop Toronto artists on the world's stage.

Nitasha Randhawa

Nitasha Randhawa "fell in love with Toronto the first time she saw it as a little girl, seriously." Her Italian mom and Indian father — both restaurant owners — reflect the diversity and opportunity Toronto offers. Randhawa works as a project manager when she's not pursuing her love of singing. Her distinctive raspy and soulful voice was influenced by Etta James, Janis Joplin and Freddie Mercury. Her dream is to have her poems published, and sing for the rest of her life.

Mic Boogie

Born and raised in Oshawa, Mic Boogie is as hard working and authentic as they come. He's been living in Toronto now for the past 20 years focusing entirely on music. His entire life has been about being a part of the Canadian music scene since he was 13. After releasing two albums, Boogie toured Canada, the US and parts of Europe from 2006 to 2012.

John Mega

With operatic delivery of passion-fueled lyrical armaments, John Mega strikes with military precision and cadence. From the hard-fought battles both on the mic and off in his teens to fighting for the biggest thing yet, the in-your-face rhythms and vocals of powerhouse Mega can only be described as utterly jaw-dropping. His space in the annals of music history is practically reserved so you'll be hearing about him more.

Jacqui and Joey

Jacqui and Joey grew up together and moved to Toronto to pursue their music careers. Jacqui performs opera and is also starting her career in country. Joseph studies classical guitar, while performing in an acoustic pop duo.

James Jabbour 

James Jabbour (also known as Immortal CORE) is an overall entertainer whose objective is to uplift others. His aim is to help create a forum that will empower people to be the best version of themselves and inspire them to create the life that they truly wish to live. Seems simple enough, right? Just remember to smile and have fun!

Stephen Muttoo 

Hear his submission here.

I emcee clubs in downtown Toronto. I also emcee weddings and pageants. I was a radio host on CHRY 105.5FM — now VIBE FM — for 5 years. My style of production will not be a cookie cutter version of what's going on now. I will be implementing different sounds and orchestral arrangements but keeping it funky at the same time.

Charmie Deller

​Hear her submission here.

​In an emerging music scene where it's not what you know but who you know, Toronto's music industry is full of talented unturned gems yet to be discovered. It is passionate musicians like Charmie Deller, a 20-year-old singer-song writer and performance artist, who give hope to the future of Toronto. Currently harvesting her experience by performing at various local open mics, lounges and concerts, Deller continues to mould her vision of creating timeless music.

Britney Davis

Britney Davis is an up-and-coming dedicated, driven and passionate singer-songwriter. Cut from the cloth of a very musical family, she fell in love with music at a very young age. Not only can she sing and write catchy songs, she can play the alto saxophone/bass guitar and is now learning the keyboard. Davis's dream is to become a very inspiring artist and share her life with the world through music. 

Darryl Louis 

Hear his submission here.

I'm a UWO graduate pursuing Chartered Financial Analyst designation. I've worked in many fields over the years. I have a passion for writing, in any format. GTA Love was written before I heard about the contest and I think that is what makes the song special. It's not trying to oversell or strike all the "right" chords. 

Theo Vigo

​Hear his submission here.

​I was born and raised in Toronto. Although I am influenced by many genres, I fell in love with bands like Good Charlotte and Blink 182 back when I was about 16 years old and have been writing music ever since. A man-child from Scarborough, Ont. who really just wants to make a living writing songs and stories.

Skye Sweetnam and Matt Drake 

Hear their submission here.

Skye Sweetnam and Matt Drake have been working together on various musical and video projects for over 10 years. Skye and Matt met when Sweetnam was trying out guitar players to play in her band.

Sweetnam is a Juno-nominated recording artist, a songwriter and music video director.

Drake is a songwriter, musician and producer. He's produced music for Ill Scarlett, Magneta Lane, Dodger, Sumo Cyco and many more. He's played in various bands throughout his career.


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