Snow-shovelling man punches snowplow driver, Durham police say

Winter weather has brought out tempers in Whitby, according to Durham police.

Police seek public help to identify man after driveway confrontation in Whitby

Durham police say a man climbed into the cab of this snowplow and punched the 65-year-old driver after the pair got into a confrontation on Timber Mill Ave., on Dec. 29. (Durham Regional Police )

Winter weather has led to some frayed tempers in Whitby, according to Durham police. 

Police say a snowplow driver was making his rounds on Timber Mill Avenue near Brock Street North when he came across a man shovelling a driveway near the edge of the road.

"The driver stopped and waited for the suspect to complete his shovelling, but when it appeared that the suspect would not move, the two began to argue," said Durham police Sgt. Bill Calder in a news release.

"The driver of the plow edged forward and the suspect fell back. The suspect then got up and entered the cab of the plow where he punched the driver." 

The incident was captured by a homeowner on video, police said. It happened on the morning of Dec. 29 but police only made the call for the public's help and released the photo on Friday.

Police say the suspect is not from the neighbourhood but was offering to shovel driveways for $10 each. Witnesses told them he left on foot.

Police describe him as a black man, wearing blue jeans, a dark winter jacket with a blue hood (possibly a hooded sweater), a dark toque and tan winter boots.

Police ask anyone with new information to contact the investigating officer at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1836.


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