Sick Kids hospital: No Pokemon Go please

Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has released a statement asking Pokemon Go players to keep their game playing away from hospital property out of respect for patients and staff.

Statement asks players to not drop game lures on hospital property

Pokemon Go players gathered near Toronto's CN Tower Monday night to celebrate their shared enthusiasm for the mobile app. (Jonathan Ore/CBC)

Toronto's Sick Kids hospital is politely asking Pokemon Go players to take their game elsewhere.

​In a statement, the hospital says players of the wildly popular augmented-reality game can "create many challenging issues and safety concerns for our patients" and even get in the way of staff. 

"Our patients are some of the sickest in Ontario and may be going through a very difficult time in their lives," the statement reads. "We ask that individuals respect their privacy and the hospital space."

Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children says Pokemon Go players can cause problems for patients and staff. (CBC)

Pokemon Go is a mobile app that sends players out into the real world to find and capture cartoon monsters. The monsters — called Pokemon — appear onscreen when users hold up their smartphones in various locations and at specific times of the day.

The Sick Kids statement asks players not to place Pokemon Go lures —  in-game markers that draw Pokemon to a specific location  "inside or directly outside" hospital property.

Police have also warned Pokemon Go players to pay closer attention to traffic, instead of staring into their smartphone screens while playing.