Shanifa Nasser

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Shanifa Nasser is an investigative journalist interested in national security and stories with a heartbeat. Before coming to CBC News, she was a Munk Fellow in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto. She also holds a Master's degree in Islamic Studies.

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Kevin Johnston ordered to pay $2.5M for 'hateful, Islamophobic' remarks against restaurant chain owner

A former Mississauga mayoral candidate charged two years ago with a hate crime displayed "horrific" behaviour when he made "hateful Islamophobic" comments against Paramount Fine Foods owner Mohammed Fakih, a judge has ruled.

Saudi Arabia put these 2 men to death. Now their families are calling on Canada to stop arming the regime

The families of two men executed by Saudi Arabia last week spoke exclusively with CBC News, saying Canada's continued sale of arms to the regime makes it complicit in the kingdom’s human rights abuses.

Ahead of federal election, imams at 69 Canadian mosques deliver message that every vote counts

When Canadians go to the polls in October, a non-partisan group hopes Muslim voter turnout will be higher than ever — and seized one of the year's most-attended days of prayer to mobilize the community with a single message: every ballot counts.

369 Peel teachers learn they won't have permanent spots in September

More than 360 teachers with the Peel District School Board have learned they will no longer have permanent positions heading into the new school year.

Another 155 teachers receive surplus letters as Ford deflects questions about cuts

Just one day after hundreds of teachers in Peel Region received word that they would no longer have permanent positions come September, more than 150 more in neighbouring Halton Region learned they face a similar fate, the union representing them says.

'It's absolutely heartbreaking': Canadians mourn as Notre-Dame Cathedral burns

Just hours before flames engulfed the spire one of the world’s most recognizable cathedrals, Ashley Creed had been inside the centuries-old Notre-Dame, marvelling at a piece of history she'd only seen in history books.

Shawn Spaulding died after just 3 days in an Ontario jail. Now his family is seeking answers

The relatives of a Toronto man who died after just days in an Ontario jail say they're desperate to know what happened — and that they've been told it could be months before they have answers.

'I felt that I wasn't valued': In the wake of another OPP suicide, a former officer speaks out

Sheri Kewley, a former officer with the Ontario Provincial Police, served with the force for 10 years and retired in 2006. Since then, suicide has claimed the lives of two of her fellow officers — two too many. 

Who benefits from rescuing Rahaf? Questions linger after whirlwind story of Saudi teen's asylum

It was a whirlwind affair that began with a Saudi teen barricaded in a Thai hotel room demanding asylum. Now, questions are being raised about the reasons for Canada's speedy decision to resolve her case, the message it sends and its implications for the future of already-frosty relations with Saudi Arabia.

'It doesn't feel human': Students angry U of T not acknowledging campus suicides

Dozens of students demanded action outside the halls of power at the University of Toronto on Monday, calling for the school to acknowledge a mental-health crisis on campus days after a suicide on campus.

Ontario man dubbed 'high risk to public safety' after trying to join terror group set for release

An Ontario man who travelled to Syria to support an al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group is set to be released — despite being considered of "high risk to public safety," according to a decision by the Parole Board of Canada.

2 Canadian women with children surrender to U.S.-backed forces in ISIS-held Syrian territory

Two Canadian women who had been living in ISIS-held territory with their children have surrendered to U.S.-backed forces in Syria, according to the head of a non-profit organization that urged them to turn themselves in.

Toronto police officer to be charged with misconduct in connection with Bruce McArthur case

A Toronto police officer is expected to be charged with two counts of professional misconduct in connection with the case of serial killer Bruce McArthur.

Her brother told police she wanted to join ISIS. They dropped the case. Then she attacked a Canadian Tire

In 2016, Rehab Dughmosh's brother told police she was on her way overseas to join ISIS. In 2017, her husband caught her in Scarborough with a bag full of weapons and took them away. What he didn't know was that Dughmosh had concealed an archer's bow and butcher's knife beneath her robe. She was on her way to Canadian Tire.

Family of Soleiman Faqiri files $14M lawsuit over 'excessive force' they say killed him

More than two years after Soleiman Faqiri was found lifeless on the floor of an Ontario jail cell, the family of the 30-year-old man, who suffered from mental illness, files a lawsuit against the province over the “excessive use of force” they believe killed him.