Jury sees video from inside Little Italy bar at gang sexual assault trial

The Crown began showing the jury video Tuesday of an alleged gang sexual assault at the College Street Bar in December of 2016. Gavin MacMillan and Enzo De Jesus Carrasco are being tried in Ontario Superior Court on several charges in connection with the incident.

Warning: This story contains details some people may find disturbing

Former College Street Bar owner Gavin MacMillan, left, and bar manager Enzo De Jesus Carrasco are both facing multiple charges following an alleged sexual assault at the Little Italy bar in December 2016. (Toronto Police)

The jury at the trial of two men accused of gang sexually assaulting a woman started viewing hours of surveillance video on Tuesday from inside the Toronto bar where the alleged attack took place.

The crown told the jury that eight cameras captured what transpired from the time the woman walked into the College Street Bar on the evening of Dec. 14, 2016, until she left at 6 a.m. the next morning.

The former owner of the bar, Gavin MacMiIlan, 44, and manager Enzo De Jesus Carrasco, 34, each face a charge of gang sexual assault, administering a stupefying drug and forcible confinement. Carrasco also faces two additional charges of sexual assault.

MacMillan and De Jesus Carrasco have pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Video played Tuesday on a large screen in court showed the woman entering the bar close to 7:30 p.m. The Crown said she was there to meet a friend who was taking a bartending course taught by MacMillian.

During the first hour, cameras capture the woman sitting at the bar chatting with De Jesus Carrasco, who is flipping bottles in a style known as "flair bartending," before he pours her a drink. They clink glasses and continue to chat.

 After the bartending course is over, the woman is seen speaking to her friend at the bar and socializing. On two occasions, she walks to the back patio with De Jesus Carrasco and sits down to talk with him.

Time-stamped video shows that just before 10 p.m, the woman's friend and other students left the bar, leaving her alone with Carrasco and MacMillan.

Prosecutors said the woman was plied with multiple drinks, and alleged she passed out at times. The Crown also alleged the security video would show that De Jesus Carrasco propped her up and encouraged her to snort lines of cocaine, before the two men repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

In its opening statement Monday, the crown told the jury it will have to decide "whether [the woman] consented, and had the mental capacity to consent, to all the sexual acts that took place."

Justice Michael Dambrot is presiding over the trial in Ontario Superior Court.

The Crown says it will show the jury video Wednesday of the woman allegedly being sexually assaulted multiple times by the two men.