Second Cup stops accepting cash amid COVID-19 pandemic

"We are operating from an abundance of caution," says CEO of Canadian coffee chain.

'We are operating from an abundance of caution," CEO says

Second Cup says it will no longer accept cash and is getting rid of self-serve milk and sugar stations. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

Second Cup says it will no longer accept cash at its locations across Canada as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

"While we know the risk level in Canada is currently considered low, we are operating from an abundance of caution," company CEO Steven Pelton said in a statement tweeted out on Friday.

The Canadian cafe chain will only accept debit, credit, gift cards and mobile payments, the statement says.

Second Cup will also get rid of self-serve milk stations, with staff adding all dairy products and sugar. Cafes will also stop using any ceramic mugs and dishware.

Meanwhile, McDonald's said on Saturday it has temporarily closed its play places, and cancelled "Wednesday Family Night" activities.

Several businesses are making changes in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Second Cup, Starbucks, McDonald's and Tim Horton's have banned reusable cups, while Tim Horton's scrapped its Roll Up the Rim paper cups earlier this month.

In his statement on Second Cup, Pelton said the company is "proactively modifying our policies and procedures to ensure we're doing our part for the health and safety of the communities we're in."