Maryland man fatally beaten in Toronto had 'hope for mankind,' father says

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders described the fatal beating of 26-year-old Maryland man Julian Jones as "disturbing," but said he is confident that the perpetrators will be caught.

'I don't have the words for the astonishment and hurt,' Tobias Jones said Monday.

Toronto Chief of Police Mark Saunders said the beating death of Julian Jones has "resonated right across the city." (CBC News)

The father of a 26-year-old Maryland man fatally beaten while celebrating at a bachelor party says he never expected something like this to happen in Canada and wants the men who killed Julian Jones brought to justice.

"I don't have the words for the astonishment and hurt," Tobias Jones said Monday.

"My son was probably one of the kindest people that you would ever meet," he said. "I used to tell him on a regular basis I was proud to have him as my son because he was a great son, a great brother, a great man. I thought he was on the path of becoming a great husband."

"He had hope for mankind ... That if you give you someone a little bit of your love and your touch, you can change them a little bit. You can help change the world maybe."

​Police say Jones was a close friend of the person whose bachelor party was being held in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood. He was pronounced dead en route to hospital after he was assaulted near College and Bathurst Streets after 2:25 a.m. on Saturday. 

On Monday, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders described Jones's death as "disturbing," but said he is confident that the perpetrators will be caught.

"I have a feeling that we're going to be able to be successful at the end of the investigation," Chief Saunders told reporters following the launch of an anti-drunk driving campaign at police headquarters on Monday.

"This particular homicide resonated right across the city," said Saunders.

"This is not what Toronto's all about."

Saunders wouldn't comment on specifics of the investigation, but encouraged any witnesses to come forward with information on the homicide, which took place near College and Bathurst Streets early Saturday morning.

"I would just hope that as good citizens, anyone that was there that saw anything, to contact the police and provide the information," he said.

Julian Jones, 26, died of his injuries early Saturday after he was attacked near College and Bathurst Streets (Toronto Police)

Saunders also urged any participants in the attack to turn themselves in, saying it was "a matter of time" before police found them.

Jones's father said he never imagined his son's life would be taken in a place like Canada.

"I went to Mexico this year and they were telling me, 'Watch out, don't go to certain places.' Well yeah, it's on the list for certain things... but not Canada."