Santa Claus has super powers, many elf helpers, children explain

Everything you need to know about the big man in red from the North Pole, explained by Toronto kids.

December's most popular man is visiting Toronto ahead of a busy Christmas night

December's most popular man is visiting Toronto ahead of a busy Christmas night 0:39

Jason Kim doesn't know a lot about Santa, but he's certain that at the stroke of midnight the big man in red will put presents under trees around the world.

How will he do it all in one night?

"Magic powers, probably," Kim said. "Super powers."

For now, Santa's taking it easy and posing for pictures at a Toronto mall, while checking twice to make sure his gift list is ready to go (he hears Kim wants a Playstation 4.)

Santa's also an ace at posing for photos, though sometimes his littlest visitors — perhaps overwhelmed by meeting such a big celebrity — burst into tears. Luckily, Santa's got lollipops for that.

Jason Kim says he'll wake up at 7 a.m. on the dot to open his presents on Christmas Day. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Fuelled by that sugar, 3-year-old twins Grace-Mabel and Gwendolyn were quizzed about their Santa knowledge.

They both know that Santa has reindeer. And a big coat. Oh, and lots of elves to help him with his work.

Grace-Mabel knows one more thing, too: "He sees everyone!" she says, keeping one eye on St. Nick as she bounces around near his chair.

Santa didn't just appeal to the younger audience members. Even a few teenagers posed for a picture, likely because Santa's as good as gold on Instagram.

"He makes a lot of kids', and my dreams, come true," said Val Muniz.

Teenager Tally Sheppard, meanwhile, still holds Santa in the highest regard.

"He's my best friend," she said.

Santa meets one of his youngest fans at a Toronto mall. They'll be besties soon. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

One more person met Santa for the first time this week: 88-year-old Jean Slade. He was just as nice as she'd always expected.

"Oh, it was lovely when I was young. I always loved Santa Claus," she said.

"We never knew what we were going to get."

Perhaps that's Santa's best magic power of all: the power to surprise.

Jean Slade, 88, met Santa for the first time this week after a friend brought her along to the mall. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

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