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Brampton, Ont. woman searching for the recipient of her son's heart

A Brampton woman is on a mission to find the man who received the gift of her son's heart earlier this year. Keerin Reid died in September 2017. Through a series of letters, she learned the recipient of heart is a 54-year-old father of two. But she wants to know more.

'We need you.' Local cannabis suppliers look for help before market explodes

Local cannabis producers, among the 26 approved suppliers who will be providing pot products to the province's online store starting Oct. 17, have a message for Hamilton workers — "we need you."

Former cop reflects on stabbing death of fellow officer William Hancox 20 years later

Michael Sale reflects on the fatal stabbing of Det-Const. William Hancox, a husband and father of a two-year-old, on the 20th anniversary of his death. The murder was not only a tragedy for the Hancox family; it also unleashed a scandal that rocked the entire police force.

Exploding steel prices from Trump tariffs threaten affordable housing in Hamilton

"It is deflating when there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in new costs due to a policy change in another country," Jeffrey Neven, the charity's executive director said in an interview.

'We feel cheated': Funeral home charged $1K for burial vault that was never used, family says

A Toronto family says a funeral home failed to bury their father a vault that they paid for. However, the home says it has conducted tests and is "certain" the vault is there.

'I think my mom will die waiting in a hospital': Budget doesn't do enough for long-term care, family says

The Liberals rolled out their budget this week promising big spending on daycare, dental care, and home care. But some families are asking if it will make a difference to patients waiting for long-term care spaces now.

Minor league hockey players put aside rivalry to honour slain goalie

Two minor league hockey teams put aside their ongoing rivalry and took to the ice on Sunday to play a game entirely dedicated to their slain colleague, star goalie Roy Pejcinovski.

Joint Ventures: How small-time investors handle the highs and lows of cannabis stocks

As legalization nears, more and more small time investors are looking to cash in on potentially lucrative cannabis stocks.

Joint Ventures: How growers are trying to stand out in the cannabis crowd

In a landscape packed with mega-weed companies, and home-growing competition, the demand for creative ideas is high.

High-tech firms get ready to light up the weed industry

From virtual reality to makeup infusion, businesses get ready to revolutionize legal weed.

Brownies and beer: How edible cannabis businesses plan to cash in on legalization

Businesses touting cannabis-infused food and drink position themselves to snap up opportunities in what is expected to be an explosive market.

Why Toronto's cannabis 'grey market' 'ain't going nowhere' as legalization looms

As legalization nears, Toronto's cannabis businesses are refusing to be locked out of an industry they've cultivated for decades.

Find yourself losing compensation or benefits after minimum wage hike? Here's what you can do

There is no quick and easy fix for workers who suddenly find themselves losing compensation or benefits as part of employers' pushback against Ontario's minimum wage hike, experts say.

Up to 700 expected to take part in Oakville's annual polar bear dip

As many as 700 people are expected to plunge into the icy waters of Lake Ontario on Monday in Oakville, Ont. as part of its annual polar bear dip.

Barry Sherman to receive posthumous Order of Canada

Pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman learned he would receive the Order of Canada weeks before he and his wife, Honey, were found dead by strangulation in the basement of their suburban Toronto home.