Rob Ford's Escalade impounded, woman charged with DUI

A 36-year-old woman driving Mayor Rob Ford's Cadillac Escalade was arrested for impaired driving on Tuesday afternoon in Bracebridge, Ont.

Lee Anne McRobb pulled over by police in Bracebridge, Ont., on Tuesday afternoon

A Muskoka-area woman was pulled over and charged Tuesday with impaired driving while she was behind the wheel of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Cadillac Escalade. (CBC)

A 36-year-old woman driving a black Cadillac Escalade, reportedly owned by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, was arrested for impaired driving on Tuesday afternoon in Bracebridge, Ont.

The Ontario Provincial Police arrested Lee Anne McRobb of Muskoka Lakes Township and charged her with impaired driving. She was stopped following a traffic complaint shortly after 2:30 p.m. ET.

The Escalade is now in a local impound lot. The licence plates have been removed from the vehicle.

The CBC's John Lancaster reports that the owners of the impound lot and the OPP both say they did not remove the plates, with the owners saying the vehicle arrived without license plates. 

Ford, who turns 45 a week today, is outside Toronto attending an addiction rehabilitation facility. He was spotted in Bracebridge last week, posing for photos in front of a bank and stopping by a dry cleaners. He was driving his black Escalade at that time.

McRobb was the lone occupant in the vehicle when it was pulled over on Tuesday. 

Rob Ford's black Escalade was spotted in Bracebridge last week. (Wynne Honsinger/Twitter)

A source at the rehab facility where Ford is receiving treatment told CBC News that McRobb had previously been a patient there, but was discharged in the past five or six days.

The source had no information on how she might have come to be driving Ford's SUV.

In two separate videos posted to YouTube by local news station Moose FM, a woman believed to be McRobb can be seen entering the impound lot and telling employees there that she needs to collect her belongings from the vehicle.

The woman also claims to have been in rehab with Ford, but says she is "not anymore."

When asked on the video how she wound up behind the wheel of Ford’s SUV, the woman replied, “That’s for me to know.”

The CEO of the rehab facility said Ford has not been off the property in the last week except to attend, while supervised, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The CEO also told CBC News that Ford has been "clean and sober" and that his vehicle has not been at the facility.

Both Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, and his brother Coun. Doug Ford said they were unable to confirm the report.

McRobb is scheduled to appear in a Bracebridge court on June 17.