Record-breaking $55M prize in Lotto 6/49

Saturday night's Lotto- 6/49 draw is expected to set a all-time Canadian lottery record with a prize estimated at $55 million.

Lottery kiosks across the country are expected to be overheating as Canadians get ready for Saturday's Lotto 6/49 draw.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming says it expects the draw will be $55 million — a Canadian lottery record.

Mahindra Patel's downtown Toronto convenience store has been spitting out quick picks since Thursday, after Wednesday night's draw failed to produce a winner.

"It's really selling like crazy." said Patel.

With no prize being awaded on Wednesday the jackpot jumped to a record level.

The odds of winning the draw are incredibly slim — 1 in 14 million according to the OLG — but that's not putting off Al Berereton who says the trick is to visualize yourself winning the jackpot.  "Shift yourself to another reality where you are the winner," he said.

Belvinda Pinto doesn't have a strategy but still feels lucky.

"I  just take random numbers — and I just won $5 —  so always hopeful." 

The current record is $54.3 million from October 2005.

It was claimed by a group of 17 oil and gas workers in Camrose, Alta.

Each took home $3.2 million.

With files from The Canadian Press