Toronto lawyer Randall Barrs wounded outside Annex office offering $50K reward for information on shooting

The defence lawyer who was shot outside his office in a bizarre daylight shooting is offering a cash reward for information about the shooting.

Barrs demanding more information about police investigation into shooting

J. Randall Barrs was shot outside his law office last September. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Criminal defence lawyer Randall Barrs — who was shot outside his office by a suspect under the watch of undercover police officers — is offering a $50,000 reward for information about the shooting.

On the anniversary week of the shooting, Barrs is also criticizing the Halton Regional Police officers who witnessed the incident as well as Toronto police for its handling of the subsequent investigation.

"You would think they would have something to show me on the anniversary of this outrageous incident," Barrs said of Toronto police.

"Since at this point there's absolutely nothing, I'm going to give them some assistance. I'm going to offer $50,000 as a reward to somebody who will provide 53 Division with information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever sent Mr. [Grayson] Delong on this mission."

Sources told CBC Toronto following the shooting that Halton police had been tracking Grayson Delong, the alleged shooter. But Halton police have never confirmed why.

Lawyer has questions about investigation

In the moments immediately after Barrs was shot in the leg, undercover officers emerged and surrounded the suspect.

Barrs said the officers surveilling the suspect should have never allowed him into a crowded, public area.

"I have tremendous concerns about the conduct of Halton [police] that day and we are intending to launch proceedings against Halton Regional Police for gross negligence," Barrs told CBC Toronto, though he did not say when a possible lawsuit might begin.

"As far as I'm concerned, Halton let this become the O.K. Corral," he added.

In the year since the shooting, Barrs alleged Toronto police, which is leading the investigation, has dragged its heels and possibly withheld information.

Specifically, Barrs wants answers about who may have sent the alleged shooter, since he said he did not know of Delong before he was shot.

Halton police officers boxed in the alleged gunman, who is inside the silver car in this image, moments after lawyer J. Randall Barrs was shot. (Peter Schilling/Submitted)

Police reject demands

Toronto police said Barrs is making unreasonable demands about details of their investigation.

"He wants all the information we have," police spokesperson Mark Pugash told CBC Toronto. "No police agency operates in that way and we certainly won't."

Halton police have not yet responded to questions from CBC Toronto about Barrs' accusations and threat of a lawsuit.

Delong is facing 15 charges in connection with the incident. A preliminary inquiry about the case wrapped up last month, according to Barrs.

With files from Chris Glover