Raccoon welcomes travellers at Pearson's domestic terminal

Could there be a more fitting animal to greet guests at Pearson's domestic terminal than a raccoon? Of course not.

The raccoon looked comfortable, a witness said, and simply watched the baggage carousel

The raccoon popped its head out from within the ceiling to check out the action below at the baggage carousel. (Cameron Graham/Twitter)

It's no secret that the humble raccoon has become the unofficial animal frenemy of Toronto. 

They're everywhere. They eat everything. Their nocturnal shrieks have become the unsolicited soundtrack of spring and summer.  

But by now, raccoons have become such a casual part of life in the city that most people barely take notice of those beady little eyes, shining eerily over the top of festering dumpsters and down dark alley ways. 

We've seen raccoons on trains, raccoons climbing cranes, and even public memorials for deceased raccoons in the downtown core. 

Now, it would seem, raccoons have become official ambassadors of Toronto to visitors from other parts of the country.

Cameron Graham, who was waiting in Pearson's terminal three for his wife to arrive home from a flight from Edmonton, posted the unusual greeting this morning.

"You almost expected him to come down wearing a little uniform and ask to help with the baggage," Graham joked in an interview with CBC Toronto. 

Other people waiting for arriving passengers also managed to get the raccoon on video.

While the critter drew attention from passengers and airport staff alike, Graham said the animal was eventually left to go on its way, free and unharmed.