Project brings pursuit of happiness to subway screens

A new art project is broadcasting everyday advice about how to achieve happiness using the video screens throughout the TTC's subway system.

It’s hard to be happy while cramming aboard a crowded TTC train, but a new art project aims to bring everyday, feel-good advice to a subway screen near you.

Called Advice for the Living, the project compiles snippets of advice in the form of short videos from people under the age of seven and older than 70.

Their advice is being played on screens inside TTC subway stations throughout the system starting today. Advice for the Living is the work of Laura Mendes and John Loerchner of Labspace Studio. The same group was responsible for the Confessions Underground series, which featured videos of real people making frank, sometimes intimate, confessions into the camera.

This year's video clips offer simple, sometimes humorous advice. A little girl describes happiness as "having breakfast after bedtime" while a man says the key is to "learn to forgive your family, and love them deeply."

A woman says "lots of sex, lots of lovin', lots of hugs, lots of everything," is a sure route to happiness.

The messages will play on subway platform screens until July 28.