Toronto artist's photographs show Americans 'Drunk on Trump'

A Toronto-artist ventured south to photograph Trump rallies in Pennsylvania and New York for an exhibition titled "Drunk on Trump."

Photos use double exposures to place Trump supporters and protesters side by side in one frame

(Sarah Palmer)

Toronto-artist Sarah Palmer says her own curiosity motivated her to venture south of the border to photograph Trump rallies in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York for an exhibition titled "Drunk on Trump." 

(Sarah Palmer)

The photographs use a double-exposure technique to show the contrast between Trump supporters and protesters at the rallies. 

"I just wanted to create juxtapositions. In one photo, I wanted people to feel both sides," said Palmer. 

Palmer said she wanted to photograph the man asleep in his chair as it reflected how she was feeling — sick and tired of seeing anti-Clinton rhetoric at a Trump rally. (Sarah Palmer)

Palmer said she found the experience of attending the rallies overwhelming, with crass language, anger and shouting commonplace. By making the photographs double exposures she hopes to replicate that confusion.

(Sarah Palmer)

"I want them to feel a little bit overwhelmed ... I want them to feel what it was like and how confusing and chaotic it was." 

The images will be on display Tuesday as part of The Gladstone Hotel's election viewing party, starting at 6 p.m. 

At a Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Palmer met this woman from small-town Pennsylvania. Still undecided about how to vote, she'd brought a bag full of newspapers, and was reading about all the candidates while waiting to get in. (Courtesy of the artist)

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