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Listen every morning as host Matt Galloway explores Toronto on CBC's Metro Morning.

News and information to start your day


Metro Morning is the audio version of Toronto's Yonge Street: a central urban artery that cuts through the heart of the city and beyond; connecting people, neighbourhoods, communities, diverse pockets and populations.

The program expresses the realities of life and experience in Canada's largest city through a weave of news, current affairs and the information you need to start your day, including consistent and predictable weather and traffic.

Hosted by Matt Galloway, Metro Morning presents the city's rich texture through music, poetry, drama, spoken word, live performance and humour. (Read more about Matt here.)

Metro Morning is Toronto - its face, places, voices and stories.

Enjoy Metro Morning weekdays 5:30-8:30 a.m., or sign up for our podcast. ​