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Former Mayor David Miller went 'bonkers' at last night's Toronto FC game in New York

Toronto fans spotted the former mayor "jumping up and down" and "having the time of his life" at last night's Toronto FC win in New York City.

Toronto fans spotted Miller 'jumping up and down' and 'having the time of his life'

David Miller and his son represented Toronto at the New York City game Sunday evening. (Paul Kulig/Twitter)

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller made a big splash at Toronto FC's winning game against New York FC at New York's Yankee Stadium last night.

"It was unbelievable. The atmosphere… there were about 300 or so Toronto supporters going completely bonkers," said Miller, a longtime fan of the team, on Metro Morning.  

Other fans tweeted about seeing Miller in the stands as Toronto won the game 5-0 against the New York City team:

Miller, who has been a Toronto FC fan since before the team played their first game a decade ago, also tweeted from the game. 

"I got my season tickets the day after the team was announced," Miller told Metro Morning.

"At the time, it was a gesture of support, because I love soccer."

As Mayor, Miller was a key supporter of the construction of BMO Field, a stadium designed as a home for the Toronto soccer team.

After the win, Miller's former colleague, Don Valley East city councillor Shelley Carroll tweeted at him about the stadium project:

"It was a tough battle to get the stadium built, so I am pleased I had a part to play," said Miller in response.

"But that's ten years ago. I'm a soccer fan now."

Miller said he's now ready to enjoy the fruits of a decade's worth of steadfast fandom.

"We're just enjoying the ride, after ten years, to be in the eastern conference finals."

Toronto FC will play against the Montreal Impact on November 22 in an all-Canadian Eastern Conference final that will send the winner to the MLS Cup.