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Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says grey police cars 'very identifiable'

Toronto Police Service Chief Mark Saunders says "no deep thought" went into changing the colour scheme of police cars in Toronto. He took responsibility for the change on Monday.

Saunders says 'no deep thought' went into changing colour scheme of police cars

Toronto Police Service will be updating its fleet of white police cruisers over the next four years with dark grey cars. (Toronto Police Services)

There may be new Toronto police cruisers on the streets, but some residents say they can't see them. 

The new colour scheme — grey cars with black and white lettering — has been said to mask what's often the most visible signal of a police presence in the community. 

Chief Mark Saunders, who took responsibility for the change in a Metro Morning interview on Monday, said there was "no deep thought" that went into the changing of the colour scheme.

Instead, it was a typical decision involving police operations, something that falls under his jurisdiction rather than that of the police board. 

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the new cars are still very identifiable. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press)

Saunders said police tested several variations before he settled on the new grey cruisers. 

When asked about concerns that have been raised about the visibility of the new cruisers, the chief said there's a clear difference between the grey vehicles and the stealth cars. 

"The car is very identifiable," he said, noting that the white markings are reflective and the roofs are marked by an unmistakable set of coloured lights. 

Toronto police say the new dark grey cruisers differ from their 'stealth' vehicles because of their white reflective decals. (Toronto Police Services)

Saunders said he did not consult the police board when making the change because he is responsible for decisions involving the force's operations. 

While he acknowledged there may have been some negative reaction on social media, he said he's received plenty of positive feedback about the new design.

The new cars will replace the existing fleet over the next four years as vehicles come to the end of their life cycle.

With files from Metro Morning