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How a Toronto mom got all her Christmas gifts without spending a cent

A Toronto mom is turning to Bunz Trading Zone to swap for gifts for everyone from her mother to her kids.

Diane Simon skipped the 'shopping frenzy' and headed online to trading app Bunz

Diane Simon cruises the Bunz app on her phone while holding her son, Aluk. (Kate McGillivray/CBC)

A Toronto mom is skipping the mall this Christmas and trading for all her family's presents, instead.

Diane Simon has been using Bunz Trading Zone, a popular online trading website and mobile phone app where the main rule is that no money can change hands, and said she's had a successful holiday season of swaps.

For her mother, for example, Simon snagged "a really nice Michael Kors purse and a pair of sunglasses" in exchange for "old clothing and some kitchenware."

This Toronto mom didn't spend a cent on Christmas gifts because of Bunz

7 years ago
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Diane Simon explains how she didn't spend a cent on Christmas gifts by using Bunz Trading Zone.

 "I'm clearing out unused items, and I'm getting amazing stuff back." 

Simon, who has three kids, didn't set out to get all of her gifts through Bunz, but the self-described "Christmas planner" was intrigued by what she could trade for online.

I got some items that I thought, this would make really great presents. So I thought I would just keep going," she told CBC Toronto's Metro Morning.

She's also had luck getting rid of stuff she no longer wants.

"This is the best deal of all because I've haven't spent anything," Simon said on CBC Radio's Metro Morning.

Simon and her three kids Aluk, Muin and Sibu. All three children will be receiving presents that come exclusively from trades on Bunz. (Kate McGillivray/CBC)

Simon said she doesn't seem to be the only one in the GTA going the Bunz-only route. 

"I've met lots of people who are also doing the same thing," she said, adding that it's a great way to step away from the "shopping frenzy" of busy malls.

As for her kids, Simon said she "didn't set out to get specific things," but did find a range of toys and games she thought would interest them. She's said she's confident they'll be excited by what's under the tree — and they won't mind it's the result of a trade.

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