Arrest made after window smashed at bakery giving away Powerball tickets

Hundreds of people lined up outside a Toronto bakery to get their hands on a Powerball lottery ticket today, ahead of the draw for a record-setting lottery prize in the U.S.

World Class Bakers offers chance at massive U.S. jackpot if you spend $20

Time-lapse video of line up outside World Class Bakery

7 years ago
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Lisa Guluzian, current owner of World Class Bakery, discusses idea behind giving away Powerball tickets.

Toronto police have arrested a man after a window was smashed at World Class Bakery, a Toronto shop giving away Powerball tickets to customers spending over $20.

Police were called to the bakery just before noon today and arrived to find several people holding down a suspect on the sidewalk. 

Officers said the man was outside the shop when the incident occurred. 

Siva Swaminathan was sitting in the World Class Bakery after receiving her Powerball ticket, she said, when a man picked something up from the sidewalk and threw it in the shop.

"I was taking a picture of my Powerball ticket to tweet, and next minute I'm covered in [glass] from the window," said Swaminathan outside the bakery.

"It hit my hand, but surprised I didn't get any cut," said Swaminathan. 
Siva Swaminathan says glass shattered over her while sitting inside the World Class Bakery after a man threw something against the shop's window. (CBC)
Police do not believe the incident is related to the publicity the bakery has garnered for its Powerball ticket giveaway. 

Hundreds of people lined up outside the bakery to get their hands on a Powerball lottery ticket today, ahead of the draw for a record-setting lottery prize in the U.S. 

World Class Bakers, located on St. Clair Avenue West, started giving away tickets for the $1.5 billion US jackpot to customers who spent at least $20 in store on Tuesday. By mid-afternoon all 500 of the tickets they'd initially bought had been sold. 

Owner Lisa Guluzian said people were calling all day looking for tickets, so the bakery's manager Suzanne King decided to head back down to Buffalo to buy more.

"I believe we've sold about 700 tickets so far," Guluzian said Wednesday morning. "We have about 700 left."

The draw for the largest jackpot in history will take place tonight at 10:59 p.m. ET.

No ticket if you're in a bad mood

Guluzian said they decided to do the giveaway as a January pick-me-up after the holidays and to try to give a Canadian a shot at winning the coveted American prize.

"Everybody's having fun, everybody's in a good cheer," said Guluzian. "I told them if they're in a bad mood they cannot have a ticket."

The Multi-State Lottery Association, which runs the game, says the odds of having the winning Powerball ticket are one in more than 292 million. 
Torontonians line up outside World Class Bakers for their chance to win the record Powerball lottery jackpot.


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