Power restored for east-end Toronto Hydro customers

Toronto Hydro says power is now restored for about 16,000 customers in the city's east end who were affected by a large outage Thursday morning.

Large outage left 16,000 customers without power this morning

Toronto Hydro said Thursday morning's outage was caused by a problem at their main station. (Linda Ward/CBC)

Toronto Hydro says power has been restored for about 16,000 customers in Toronto's east end.

The news was issued via Twitter just before 10 a.m. Thursday, ending an outage that at its height affected customers from Danforth Avenue in the north, to the Don Valley in the west and Victoria Park Avenue in the east.

During the outage, which began just after 6:30 a.m., some customers inside the affected reported that they had power.

"From social media reports, we can see that the outages appear to be spotty," CBC's Linda Ward reported at 7:30 a.m. "Some people in neighbourhoods inside this area are reporting they have power, that they've never lost it."

The outage caused traffic problems in the east end as drivers were forced to negotiate intersections without working traffic lights.

TTC service on both subways and streetcars was not affected by the outage.

Some schools were without power, but all remained open.

Power outage triggers funny Tweets

Many took to Twitter to joke about Thursday morning's east-end power outage.

The first one makes light of the fact this is happening in the city's east end for a change:

And let's not forget that though the power is off, the election is still on:

For many the lack of coffee was the real crisis this morning. Here's what one caffeine-deprived person resorted to:

Another settled for ice coffee:

Others pointed out that at least it's not cold, remember the ice storm?